Call of Duty: Black Ops Just a Sample of the Flawed Spawn System in Black Ops

Published on March 7th, 2011 | by CodCom

Just a Sample of the Flawed Spawn System in Black Ops

One of the oldest complaints about Black Ops is the flawed spawn system it has. Actually, this complaint started the day Black Ops was launched.

People have bombarded David Vonderhaar and Josh Olin about this on Twitter and some actions were taken and adjustments were implemented. These adjustments didn’t make it into the patch notes but we were told some adjustments were made.

From the feedback we’ve been hearing, the overall spawn system in Black Ops has improved. But it is far from what we expect from a Call of Duty title and the video below will prove it.

After watching the video you know what you see is just wrong and isn’t supposed to happen, no matter what. Situations like the one you see in the video (spawn trapping) don’t occur often and it’s a team effort. You need people in your team who know what to do, but like I said before, it’s just wrong.

Doing some searching on YouTube reveals that spawn trapping mostly happens on Havana. So Treyarch, why not start with making the necessary changes to the spawn points on Havana and then see what else you can change to prevent this from happening?

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