Call of Duty: Black Ops Black Ops Patch 1.12 Live on PC

Published on July 27th, 2011 | by CodCom

Black Ops Patch 1.12 Live on PC

I’ve got a feeling we’ll be seeing more updates for the PC version of Black Ops than we will for the PS3 and Xbox 360 version and this has mainly (not exclusively) to do with the Mod Tools.

Closely following patch 1.11 on the PS3, comes the 1.12 update for the PC. Just now PCDev tweeted:

PC Patch 1.12 is set to go live at 5pm PT. Server restarts begin at 4pm PT. Notes: #codblackops #pc

Black Ops Patch 1.12 Live on PCThese are the patch notes for the 1.12 update:

  • Improved screenshot stability
  • CTF: You can only score a capture when your flag is at your base, regardless of Touch Return setting.
  • Player will no longer appear to be spinning when firing and guiding a Valkyrie rocket
  • Addressed issues with watching films through combat record
  • Addressed issue with hardcore game settings being erroneously reset in Combat Training menu
  • Addressed various exploits
  • Modders: increased some asset pool sizes
  • Modders: added listassetpool command

Are you PC users happy with the patch notes for update 1.12?

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