Call of Duty: Black Ops Black Ops Patch 1.11 Live on PC

Published on July 13th, 2011 | by CodCom

Black Ops Patch 1.11 Live on PC

Following patch 1.11 on the Xbox 360, is Black Ops patch 1.11 for PC users.

Just like with the Xbox 360 patch notes, the patch notes on the PC looks very small but not as small. This is what the full patch notes look like:

  • Corrected several issues related to Mod Tools file downloading
  • Ninja Pro Perk no longer makes sounds when mantling or diving to prone
  • Theater screenshots, films, clips and custom games now display player ratings
  • Addressed pathing issues in Call of the Dead
  • Addressed various exploits in MP and Zombies

PC Patch 1.11 is live on Steam. Notes: #codblackops #pc

The biggest difference for me is the way the PCDev and Josh Olin treat their “platforms”. While Josh Olin is kind of quiet (not counting the map pack code giveaways), PCDev tweets about every patch and every little change about Black Ops on the PC.

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