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Published on June 13th, 2011 | by The_Mack_Attack3

One on One with MoreHardcoreGameModes

Recently we wrote an article about the possibility of new hardcore game modes in Black ops, the article can be viewed here for those who missed it. To follow up on this news we have got a chance to speak with HardcoreGameModes a collective working as advocates for fans of the hardcore modes to see what they thought of the whole campaign as they were at the forefront to make the idea a possibility.

1. What is it you like about Hardcore game modes?

They offer a style of game play that I feel is more intense than Core. It’s hard to take Core games seriously at times as they are designed to cater to a wider audience in both tastes and skills. For an old skool gamer like myself I find hardcore resembles the early days of online gaming before developers added all the “bling“.

2. What made you decide to start promoting for more hardcore game modes in Call of Duty?

They are sorely needed. It was a no brainer once the “Escalation” DLC came out minus a Hardcore play list, along with the successful launch of the “competitive” play list. We (MHCGM) and the 4RUMboys felt there really wasn’t a need to restrict the hardcore-fan base to play only a few modes when Treyarch could add moshpits to “gather” multiple “core-game modes” and make them available for Hardcore players.

3. Do you think a lot of other First person shooters don’t cater to hardcore fans?

I don’t think it is so much that they don’t cater, rather that with vast dollar sums flying around nowadays, game companies are trying to squeeze in as much stuff as they can to cater to everyone’s tastes. This is why even in this day and age of multi-million-unit selling games the first port of call for any developer should be the community fan base that helped to create that success. In this area I feel Treyarch leads the way in the Call of Duty series with both pre- and post-launch interaction with all of the community. First, the “competitive” play list and now with the HC play lists. Hopefully IW/Sledgehammer have noted this . I hope so, as we have both of them firmly in our sights now. We intend to pursue this further.

4. When you brought the idea of more HC game modes to David Vonderhaar’s attention were you surprised at his response of making it a reality?

Not really. Once he took us seriously he interacted with us in the same way he has interacted with other serious groups, the MLG for example. Getting him to take us seriously was the hard part! Once we got @MHCGM on Facebook and Twitter and the campaign became “organized” everything went into overdrive. When Vahn first tweeted us with a link to his thread on the forum I almost keeled over in shock. When he suggested we help with it I was truly humbled and surprised. Too many large companies ignore their fan base on a personal level- and we usually see that horrible term of “in house“ crop up when any testing occurs. His open attitude and acknowledgement of our existence as interested parties was a refreshing change.

5. Can you tell us what game modes will be incorporated into Black Ops?

The two new playlists will sit alongside the existing Hardcore playlists of TDM, FFA and Search& Destroy. They have been split into two distinct groups: HCFLAGS, which will have CTF, Domination, and HQ; and HC BOMBS: which will include Search & Destroy, Demolition and Sabotage. This is the list that went off for translation at Treyarch, but like everything in life it might be subject to change.There is still an open debate on the CODHQ forums on whether to include Sabotage and S&D in this playlist. As of the time of this writing we are still actively testing these modes. But the big news is Second Chance has been REMOVED from both HC Flag and HC Bomb!

6. Were you part of the process on how the modes would work?

The original suggestion of HC FLAG and HC BOMB came from the 4RUMboys website, where Otismann666 had came up with the new “combined” modes. Another 4rRUMboy , Cable99, reposted it on the CODHQ. The response was amazing. Last check, we had 86 pages in that thread alone. Later, WE helped hash out specific settings with Vahn and others involved in #morehardcoregamemodes -in fact, the testing is still continuing. I would like to feel that the entire process was more of a community interaction with us (MHCGM) & the 4RUMboys just organizing the chaos. We’ve had so many people who aren’t part of 4RUM participate and that is really the key to a grass-roots movement-to get everyone involved.

7. Do you hope this will follow into future Call of Duty games?

Yes, Robert Bowling has made a big point of mentioning community interaction and support for MW3. If not… I think you might find Robert Bowling and Guy Beahm get very familiar with a certain hash tag. We’re here now, we like the scenery, the neighbors seem nice, and I don’t think we are going anywhere.

8. I understand testing has begun, are the public apart of the testing process?

Yes! We cannot stress this enough, everyone’s input is welcome and we have constantly posted and publicized that we need more testers and input. The community input has been amazing so far, people have really taken to the cause, from offering to organize testing lobbies, to actually testing over and over again the same map with slightly different testing parameters, etc. These playlists are truly a community-driven effort meant to appeal to everyone and we hope we have added enough interesting twists to appeal to the core fans as well.

9. Do you have any idea when the new modes will be released to the public?

Hopefully, sooner than later. Vahn has explained on the CODHQ thread so I think it would be better to quote him directly as our best answer is “soon” :

“We obviously just released an update recently, so it could be some time before we do another. Depending on when that is (please don’t harass me about this, I don’t know yet) we may need to move this into the current update. Nothing about it is strictly requires a new patch or infrastructure changes, but only because we took the angry road of recycling indexes and ditching HC and CTF to “make room.”

  • Next steps: QA, Localizations
  • Current plan: Next update. TBD date and time.
  • Back up plan; update TU9 (current game version).

10. What do you say to all the people who helped make this happen?

Quite simply -thank you, the support we have gotten from the Call of Duty community has been simply astounding! We couldn’t have done it without everyone in the Hardcore community coming together. It is a testament to the Call of Duty community as a whole, and of a simple grass roots web campaign that started with a simple hash tag.

11. So what’s next for the MHCGM group and your 4RUMboys?

One thing this whole crazy ride has shown us is that above all Call of Duty is, and remains at heart a community- the success of our community gaming nights when we first trailed HCDOM has shown that. So we intend to continue those. We’ve shown that even a bunch of “BlackOps Nerd Scholars”, even in today’s multi-billion dollar gaming industry, can have a voice and directly influence their favorite game. We’ve done it-and we’ll do it again as needed. Hello, FourZeroTwo!

Well there you have it, i would like to thank MoreHardcoreGameModes for taking the time to answer these questions and giving us a more clear insight into the future of Hardcore modes in Black Ops and possibly future Call of Duty titles.

If you would like to visit Vahn’s testing thread on the Black op’s forum press here.

MoreHardcoreGameModes Twitter account:!/MHCGM

MoreHardcoreGamesModes Facebook Page

4RUMboys Website:

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