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Published on April 30th, 2011 | by CodCom

Official Black Ops Facebook Page Lowers my IQ

By now you should know that I’m very active on Facebook. Be it on our page (Our Facebook Page) or the official Black Ops page. Hanging out on Facebook is a way for me to share more than I can on the website and a even better way for me to see what the community is up to. After all, the Facebook community is a very large chunk of the Call of Duty Community and knowing what you are up to is in my best interest.

If you are a fan of our page (please don’t tell me you aren’t a fan of our page yet!), you’ll get updates about pretty much everything that’s Call of Duty related. You’ll get asked questions and once a while you’ll be asked to share your opinions. And if I’m not spamming your news feed, there are always other great members on the page who share interesting updates. In short, a great experience for both you and me (I hope).

But when I visit the official Black Ops page, I often get the urge to cry and punch someone in the face. It’s not because of the official people behind the Black Ops page. They’re doing a great job with sharing updates. What they share is what I expect them to share. It’s the people on the page who are giving me a headache.

Whenever I have a look at the Black Ops page to see what the community is up to, I get presented with the same questions over and over and over again. Questions such as “When is the new map pack coming out” or more recent one “When will the PlayStation Network be back online” or the mother of all frequently asked questions “Why does the Xbox 360 get the map packs first“. In case you don’t know the answer to the last question. It’s because Activision and Microsoft have a multi-title, multi-year agreement. This agreement, which will last through 2012, says Xbox Live users will have the first crack at downloading any new map packs and expansions for the Call of Duty games.

No more visiting the Black Ops page

Every time I visit the Black Ops page, my IQ drops by a couple points and for that reason I decided not to visit the Black Ops page anymore. I’ll still get the updates from the official page, I’ll still tag the Black Ops page in my updates, but I won’t be reading and commenting on status updates anymore. For our Facebook page, it means a slower growth because our page isn’t in front of as many eyeballs anymore. But I’m sure we all can live with this.

I thought I share my thoughts with you and I was wondering what your thoughts about the official Black Ops page were. Let me know with a comment down below!

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