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Published on December 19th, 2011 | by CodCom

Black Ops’ Mobile Zombies Upgraded to V1.05

Users who have downloaded the Black Ops Zombies application on their iPhone or iPad on December 1st or afterwards, might have noticed there is a new update available for it.

Treyarch is known for updating their games regularly and by the looks of it, the iOS Zombies application will be getting the same treatment. These are the “patch notes” for v1.05:

  • Changes to the application to prevent installation on unsupported devices & OS’s. Game strictly supports iOS4 and up on 3rd gen devices and up only.
  • Overall performance improvements to address lag and stability
  • Improved connectivity to online services
  • Overall stability improvements to Zombies and Dead Ops Arcade
  • Memory savings for improved iPad / iPod Touch experience
  • Improvements to Tilt / Accelerometer controls
  • Increased grenade damage and blast radius
  • Restore Default Settings restores default volumes immediately
  • When in Airplane mode, user will now receive an error message when trying to match-make.
  • Fix for ‘Fickle Fated’ achievement in Dead Ops Arcade
  • Fix for Quick Revive to correct revive speed
  • Fixed crash in online lobby for iOS5
  • Fixes for not being able to purchase Pack-A-Punch ammo
  • Fixes for Rejoining Session in Progress
  • FAQ link directs to “” (link didn’t work while I was writing this)

The new update, v1,05, is meant to make the application a more stable one, but reading through the many reviews, the update did the opposite of what it was supposed to do. Some of these reviews say:

Still crashes after update

Seriously guys the update makes it crash more than usual

It crashes every time I press play on the iPad one still please fix it

It keeps crashing; fix please

If you want to buy or grade the Zombies application, you can do it here.

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