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Published on February 7th, 2011 | by CodCom

Machinima’s Interview With David Vonderhaar

Every so often you come across an interview with people working at either Activision, Treyarch or Infinity Ward. While most of these interviews are fun to read, they usually aren’t interesting. You know which interviews are interesting? The ones with David Vonderhaar. Remember the interview David Vonderhaar had with GameSpot? Before the release of Call of Duty: Black Ops, that was the best interview around, at least in my opinion. And just like that interview, David Vonderhaar’s interview on Machinima’s 24 hour live stream sure was an interesting one.

During this interview David Vonderhaar answers some unusual questions, which are more like a time filler. But out of the 13 questions asked to David, there are some very interesting ones among them. Just look at the list and decide for yourself.

  • Would you ever consider making a Call of Duty set in the future? Either recent or far. (Kyle has written an excellent article about this subject which you can find here: Should a Future Call of Duty Title Take Place in the Future?)
  • What differentiates you (Treyarch) from Infinity Ward?
  • What gets you to answer a consumer’s question about the game? (Think Twitter)
  • What does it feel like to know that you are in charge of the most successful First-Person Shooter of our time? Does the community’s pressure effect you?
  • Treyarch is there a particular reason why you went back and re-vamped the World at War engine for this game, instead of the Modern Warfare 2 one and re-vamping that to your likings?
  • Have you ever considered including a playlist solely for snipers? (No snipers only playlist, but there is a First Strike maps only playlist)
  • Could there be an addition of water into a map?
  • Which other game, aside from Call of Duty, would they have liked to work on?
  • Does Treyarch ever plan on creating a multiplayer experience with zombies where players are somehow in control of the opposing four players with guns through map control or controlling the zombies themselves?
  • Treyarch guys (lol?), you have been very successful with map packs in the past and you sure are going to be successful. Why not try to add more variety to the game?
  • Where you prepared, before launch, to really treat tuning weapons and balance as an ongoing process?
  • Is it possible for Black Ops to have a dedicated server on the 360?
  • What shape is the industry in in terms of employing post-graduates with regard to Treyarch and if you can comment, the industry as a whole?

While this is a very interesting interview, we must not forget that it’s a personal one at the same time. David Vonderhaar says it himself, “my opinions expressed are mine alone”. So while it may sound that some things are possible and some aren’t, we have to keep in mind that it’s David Vonderhaar speaking and expressing his opinions. For hard facts, the real source of information would be either a Activision or a Treyarch spokesman.

Enjoy the interview with David Vonderhaar and I look forward to reading your comments about it.

Interview with David Vonderhaar – Part 1

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