Call of Duty: Black Ops Kino der Toten Strategy Guide

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Kino der Toten Guide for Noobs

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Kino der Toten Strategy Guide

Kino der Toten Strategy Guide

As you’re a beginner at zombies you will want to either buy the Olympia (2 shot-shotgun) or the M14 (assault rifle), when you are at the start of the game look for a machine with blue lights on it. It’s called Quick Revive its job is to bring you back to your feet if you get over run by the zombie hoard so that means if you go down (going into 2nd chance) it gives you akimbo pistols to use while the perk is reviving you.

You should know that you can only get hit 3 times before you go down so I’d recommend you stay as far away from them as possible to reduce the chance of dying. Within the first three rounds you should have around 2,500 points if you haven’t already buy Quick Revive and open the top door.

Once opened the top door if you only have your pistol buy the PM63 (a submachine gun with high damage) try and get the zombies in line with each to preserve ammo as it is very precious as it goes into the higher rounds.

Now as you open the next door this leads to a small lobby to your immediate left there is a shotgun called the Stakeout (6 slog pump-action shotgun ideal for close range), but if you take your immediate right you can find the MP-40 (submachine gun with decent damage I highly recommend it if you are out or low on ammo.)

By now there is going to be the dog round so what I would say is that you crouch in the corner in which the Stakeout is placed. Once you have at least 2,500 points stacked up buy the next door which is the dressing room and finally into the theatre. In the dressing room you can find the MP5K (submachine gun, not necessary).

Right now you should turn on the power which can be found at the far right of the red curtain, this causes small green creatures to come from the roof during the rest of the rounds this actually makes it a lot harder because you can’t spray your gun at the zombies chest or head because you need to watch your feet so remember that!

So now when you see the last zombie make him a crawler, you can do this by throwing a grenade at its feet to make them explode. Now, you need to go to the teleporter hold down the button “X” (Xbox 360) or “Square” (PS3) and you will hear a noise now if you look straight forward from the front of the stage go up the walkway up the stairs take a left or right and that takes you back to the beginning when you started stand on top of the circle and it should say “link the teleporter” hold “X” or “Square” and now the teleporter is ready to use. When you use the teleporter the Pack-A-Punch machine is there along with grenades, the Pack-A-Punch cost 5,000 points and the grenades cost 250 which get you 4 grenades.

In the theater lobby to the right of the power switch button another gun called the M16 (3 burst rounds highly unrecommended) is on the wall and nearly directly opposite to it are Claymores (you receive 2 of them and they replenish at the start of every new round or on a max ammo, the maximum you can have at any time is 2).

Fun Train
For me the easiest way of getting to higher rounds is to run around the map in an anti-clockwise direction. Wait around 5-10 seconds at the start of the new round and slowly run around the map retracing your footsteps occasionally turning around to gain some points don’t stay in the same spot for too long or else the zombies will come from both directions and you will be dead at the end of the round quickly buy Juggernog which can be located in the walkway to your right it costs 2,500 and to the left of it is the bowie knife which isn’t ideal it costs 3,000 points.

I would only have 2 perks Quick Revive and Juggernog (Juggernog is the perk which lets you get hit 4 times without going down so it’s very useful) you will build up a lot of points doing this strategy as I do quite regularly maybe 4 times a week, so I hope you do well with my strategy and best of luck killing them zombie scum!

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