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Published on December 29th, 2010 | by CodCom

Intel Locations Guide For Black Ops Campaign

While some enjoy racing through the single player campaign just to see what’s end the end of the road. Others enjoy hunting for hidden objects and locations just so they can get every achievement possible.

This article is for the latter group. Below you can see 2 videos made by TeamLAG (this name would be more appropriate if this article was about the multiplayer mode). In the first video you can see the locations of the first 21 Intels. The second video will show the locations of the remaining 21 Intels.

Once you collect all 42 Intels, you’ll unlock the “Closer Analysis” achievement. If you are curious about the other achievements, have a look at the Black Ops achievement list.

Intel Guide 1: Intel 1 to 21:

Intel Guide 2: Intel 22 to 42

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