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Published on December 20th, 2010 | by GOODKyle

Inevitable Black Ops DLC Announced

The latest “Major Nelson” Podcast revealed the details of the first, and inevitable, Black Ops DLC. It is called “First Strike” and will be released on the XBOX Live first (go figure) come February 1, 2011. If this is like previous Call of Duty DLC’s, expect to see it on other gaming systems within a month or so and you can thank the Microsoft / Activision contract for that.

The DLC contains just map packs named “Discover”, “Kowloon”, “Berlin Wall”, “Stadium” for competitive multiplayer use and the zombie map (or co-op as some call it) “Ascension”. The first 3 multiplayer maps are all based on single player missions/levels but “Stadium” is said to take place in a hockey rink. This seems very interesting but let’s just hope that this rink is bigger than the typical skating slab. The DLC pack will cost you 1200 MP or in human terms, $15.

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