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Published on December 7th, 2010 | by CodCom

Hardline + SAM Turret = Lethal Combination

Update: What you are about to read is no longer possible. A fix implemented on 11-05-2010 made the “trick” impossible. See the following article for more details: Treyarch Keeps Promise – Implements Fixes Quickly

I was just playing a match in Call of Duty: Black Ops when I noticed something different.

It was yesterday when I unlocked the perk Hardline Pro [for the 6th time]. As you might know, by using the Hardline perk your killstreaks require 1 less kill. You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to see what kind of an advantage you have when using this perk.

When I was playing just now, I decided to use the SAM Turret killstreak for a change. The SAM Turret killstreak is an awesome killstreak. Without the Hardline perk you need to get a 4 kill streak in order to get this killstreak. Once you mark the drop zone and get the package, you place your SAM Turret somewhere on the map. Preferably on a hard to reach spot which isn’t close to a wall or tall object. Because placing your SAM Turret close to a wall or tall object will result in the SAM Turret blowing itself up! With the SAM Turret up and running, it will shoot down anything from the skies. Think of Spy Planes, Counter Spy Planes, Care Packages, Attack Helicopters, Chopper Gunners and Gunships. In short everything, except the SR-71 Blackbird.

You can see that when using the Hardline perk and SAM Turret killstreak that you have a nice combination, but what makes this combination lethal you might ask? It’s the Pro version of the Hardline perk.

Hardline pro gives you the option to change the contents of a Care Package, a SAM Turret package and a Sentry Gun package if I’m not wrong. I’m not sure if it is intended to be this way, but with the Hardline Pro perk, you have the option to change the contents of a SAM Turret package. To put it in other words. With a 3 kill killstreak, you can get any other killstreak.

This is how it works. Once you get the SAM Turret killstreak, mark the drop zone and wait for the package to land. After it lands, press the square button twice [PS3. Should be X for the Xbox 360]. After this the contents of the package changes and you get a different killstreak reward. Have a look here to see what the odds are of getting something from a Care Package.

For me this makes a lethal perk – killstreak combination. Do you have any perk – killstreak combinations you would recommend to other people?

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