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Published on February 1st, 2011 | by CodCom

Frequently Asked Questions About Ascension

If you aren’t too busy playing the new zombie map you might want to read this article as it can help you improve your gameplay on Ascension. Treyarch did a fantastic job with Ascension, even though some people don’t like the black and white beginning. But I guess that’s a matter of taste.

Because Ascension is still new to almost everyone, carby21 made a small FAQ about Ascension. The information here might be a little off and can be different for other platforms. The information you see below comes from the Xbox 360 and should be taken with a pinch of salt.

Frequently Asked Questions About Ascension

Q. How do I get PaP (Pack-a-Punch)?
A. In order to get the PaP up and running you must activate all 3 Lunar Landers and then go to the power location and begin the launch sequence.

Q. How many perks are there?
A. There are five in total.

  1. Juggernog-Increase health to 5 hits for down.
  2. Quick revive-Decrease revive time heavily.
  3. Speed Cola-Decrease reload time heavily.
  4. PhD Flopper-No fall damage and exploding dive off building. You are also immune to self damage by explosives.
  5. Stamin’ Up-Increase sprint speed heavily.

Q. How many perks can I have on me?
A. You can only have 4 so make your choices.

Q. Are there new weapons?
A. Yes the Russian Doll Bomb (Matryoshka Dolls) and the Black Hole Bomb (Gersch Device). The Russian doll bomb when thrown creates a series of explosions. The Black hole bomb creates a black hole that sucks zombies in. It will teleport players if they jump into it.

Q. What weapons are removed?
A. Wunderwaffe DG-2, Winters Howl, AK47, Skorpion, MAC11, Uzi ,Enfield, M60, Stoner63, WA200 and the PSG1.

Q. Any new easter eggs?
A. Yes. There are 4 hidden dolls around the map of the characters that say all kinds of dialouge. There are 3 teddy bears hidden around the map that when activated cause music to play.

[We’ve came across another Easter Egg. This one involves the Gersch Device. More information about this Easter Egg: Black Ops DLC “Ascension” Easter Egg]

Q. Are those two guys in the portraits hidden hinted at in Ascension?
A. No. The one famous portrait on the wall in Kino has not been hinted towards. And the one on the ground hasn’t either. There may be some kind of secret but it has not been found yet.

Q. How do I stop those pesky monkeys?
A. You’re going to have to split up and defend each machine. Make sure all of you have the same 4 perks. Also there might possibly be a way to get free perks of the monkeys.

To see the same FAQ with remarks about it, head over to COD HQ.

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