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Published on January 5th, 2011 | by CodCom

What To Expect With Patch 1.06 & Beyond

You won’t believe how much crap Treyarch is getting for all the glitches, bugs, faults and whatnot Call of Duty: Black Ops has. While some of it is legit, others are just jumping the bandwagon and spout stuff about something they don’t know anything about.

But all of this doesn’t change the fact that Treyarch is working hard (or not) on Black Ops every single day, just so you and I can have a more enjoyable game to play. David Vonderhaar even says “It is studio boss Mark Lamia’s vision that this be the most well supported Call of Duty MP game in the history of the franchise”. All I can do is agree with David.

Before patch 1.06 is implemented, David Vonderhaar writes about some of the changes you can expect. Changes such as giving full credit to the person who drops someone in Second Chance and assist credit for someone who finishes them off. Treyarch is even considering to increase the revive time.

The second change you can expect is a change to the RC-XD killstreak. Treyarch is evaluating the RC-XD minimum and maximum damage and damage radius and it’s movement speed. You won’t be seeing the kill requirement being changed. Treyarch is happy with the changes they made to the sniper rifles and the knife, so you won’t be seeing any changes made here.

David Vonderhaar wrote about something that will definitely change in patch 1.06. As of January 5th, the following adjustment is done already:

We think the AK74U grip variant re-center speed is too quick. Although the tuning in line with other grip variant weapons, the gun itself has a very perfectible kick and other attributes or attachments that make it a popular weapon to use. We have slightly de-tuned the AK74u grip for version 1.06

No one is denying that Black Ops has its fair share of problems. But as long as Treyarch is working on solving these problems, I’m happy with the way things are. If you want to see what David Vonderhaar wrote about this, see here.

Update: Treyarch released patch 1.06 for the PS3, more info: Black Ops Receives Patch 1.06

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