Call of Duty: Black Ops Dead Ops & "Five" Unlocked For President's Day

Published on February 19th, 2011 | by CodCom

Dead Ops & “Five” Unlocked For President’s Day

Other than the usual game modes, such as the single player, multiplayer and zombie mode, Black Ops offers a 4th game mode, Dead Ops Arcade. If you are not familiar with Dead Ops Arcade, in short, it’s a top-down shooter. A mini game within Black Ops.

Together with “Five”, which is a Zombie map, the 2 of them are Easter Eggs. You can unlock them by either completing the single player campaign or if you’re like me and you can’t be bothered with the single player campaign, you can go to the DOS emulator in the game selection screen and type in “3ARC UNLOCK”.

For all who’ve not beaten #CODBlackOps SP, you’ll now see Dead Ops & “FIVE” in Zombies; We just unlocked them (PC, PS3, 360).
Josh Olin

If you are really lazy and didn’t do any of the previously mentioned or you just didn’t know about these Easter Eggs, Treyarch’s got a treat for you. Just for President’s Day Treyarch is unlocking these 2 Easter Eggs for everyone. They will be unlocked throughout the weekend. Be sure to make good use of it.

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