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Published on May 6th, 2011 | by CodCom

Competition Playlist – What You Need to Know

Together with Call of Duty: Black Ops Patch 1.08, Treyarch introduced something brand new to the multiplayer mode of Call of Duty. A Competition Playlist (not sure why Treyarch didn’t call this the “Competitive Playlist, but oh well).

You can select the Competition Playlist by going to “Find Match” > “Barebones” > “Competition”.

What is the Competition Playlist?

The Competition Playlist is mainly for players who want to switch from gaming for fun to competitively gaming. I know you can still have fun while playing competitively, but you get the general idea here. And it’s implemented for players who already play competitively and need a playlist which they can use to practice for the competitions / tournaments they take part in.

With the Competition Playlist, there are certain restrictions. Those restrictions are some perks, weapons and equipment. With the Competition Playlist, all killstreaks and equipment are prohibited. The only game modes you can play Competition Playlist are objective based game modes. These game modes are Capture the Flag, Domination and Search & Destroy.

1 thing to note about the Competition Playlist. Friendly fire is enabled and killing 2 people from your own team will result in you being booted from the match.

What is restricted with the Competition Playlist

We mentioned earlier that with the Competition Playlist there were some restrictions.Those restrictions are:

  • Perks: Flak Jacket, Second Chance and Warlord
  • Weapons: China Lake, M72 Law, RPG, and Strela-3
  • Attachments: Flame Thrower, Grenade Launcher and Rapid Fire
  • Tactical Grenades: Decoy and Nova Gas
  • Equipment: All equipment
  • Killstreaks: All killstreaks

If you decide to use a class with any of the restricted items from above in the Competition Playlist, it will disable them, replacing your perks with “None” and taking away the restricted equipment, weapons, or attachments

Additional changes in the Competition Playlist

Besides restricting certain perks, weapons and attachments, there are a few more changes in the Competition Playlist when you compare it with the non-competitive counterparts. The changes are:

  • Maximum amount of players per team is 4
  • Domination: Time limit is set at 6 minutes 30 seconds
  • Domination: You win the match by having more points than the opposing team when the time is over
  • Domination: Respawn time is set at 7.5 seconds
  • Capture the Flag: Time limit is set at 5 minutes
  • Capture the Flag: Respawn time is set at 7.5 seconds
  • Search & Destroy: Round limit is set at 1 minute 30 seconds
  • Search & Destroy: Bomb defuse time is set at 7.5 seconds
  • Search & Destroy: Bomb arm time is set at 7.5 seconds

Here you have a video of David Vonderhaar and Fwiz talking about the Competition Playlist.

Tips for people playing the Competition Playlist

  • If you have the option, play with a static team of 4. The Competition Playlist isn’t created for the average player. You will most likely face a static team of 4, which will decrease you chances of winning significantly.
  • Don’t use the Ghost perk. Because killstreaks are restricted, there are no Blackbirds.
  • Don’t use the Hardline perk. Because killstreaks are restricted, you can’t get them sooner or use it on Care Packages.

I will be updating this article with up-to-date information when needed. If there is anything I forgot to mention, please leave a comment below and I will look at as soon as I can.

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