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Published on November 26th, 2010 | by CodCom

Call of Duty: Black Ops Combat Training Is…

What is combat training? Combat training is a game mode on Black Ops that is basically a Call of Duty boot camp. You can set it on however hard or easy of a difficulty you want it to be. Before playing the combat training, you can set it up to your specifications. Like setting how much computer players there will be playing, difficulty of those players, map etc. While in the game it is like the online multiplayer. You rank up, use COD (Call of Duty Points), earn COD Points, etc. like the online multiplayer experience.

This game mode is mostly targeted for the people who dislike online multiplayer but still want the experience. Same experience of the online experience except for the game bots, no one to do strategies with, and it is more customizable in combat training. If you only bought the game for the campaign because of online multiplayer having whatever you don’t like about it then try combat training. Same experience with a little twist of personal customization.

I got to say that combat training really helps. Even using recruit can make your battle skills better. In most combat training (if you’re playing by yourself) it is you against an army of “idiots”. They can be good in many ways though because their good at sneaking up on you. I also got to use a lot of equipment and I found out that the camera not very good, motion sensors alright, but the claymore rules the battlefield. Combat training also includes the feature of inviting friends to play with you. Instead of just playing with computers, you can invite your friends too.

A way me and some buddies of mine played with it was that we didn’t have enough people to play a friendly game with so we used it to have more players. The capabilities are endless on combat training. This can also be used for experienced players. For example, MLG players can use this to warm up before they play a game. So far Treyarch has impressed a lot of people and I think that they will bring more amazing features to upcoming CoD games.

Combat training can be used in many ways and with those many features. You can use it however you want. From training to playing a friendly game but need more players, it is an amazing tool to use with you and your friends or by yourself.

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