Call of Duty: Black Ops Call of the Dead Walkthrough

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Call of the Dead Walkthrough / Strategy Guide

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Call of the Dead Walkthrough

Call of the Dead Walkthrough

Hello, This is YourPalQWERTY here to give you some tips and tricks to help you master the Call of the Dead map.

Box Locations

First thing to do is locating the light in the sky. This is important because depending where the mystery box is will affect if you either get that first or turn on the power first.

Box location 1: Look to the sky and you will see a ray of light shining down from the sky and that’s where your box is. This location for the box is at the door in the bottom of the lighthouse near the stamina up. If you do get this box make Juggernog our main priority

Box location 2: This box is located on the top floor of the lighthouse on the left side of the door (the dead shot perk is located here as well and cost 1,500 points).

Box location 3: This box is probably the most uncommon start box, but on the plus side – there is only one 750 point barrier blocking its path. I recommend after buying your weapons and just camping that area until you have about 3,000 points each, so you can use those points to turn on the power and head towards the Juggernog after.

Box location 4: This box will not spawn from the start due to the fact that this box is located on the right side of where you spawn. Only a Teddy Bear and a fire sale can move the box to this location.

Box location 5: This box is found on the second floor of ship, the only advice I could give with this location is, if you’re playing a multiplayer match make sure that someone keeps a look out because zombies have four different areas they could spawn from and easily surround you. If this does happen use the zip line or the flinger for a quick escape.

Box location 6: This box is another difficult box and is located towards the back side of the boat. I advise buying the MPL submachine gun and turning on the power first so after you buy your weapons you can buy Juggernog.


There are seven on the map but you can only buy four at a time, but it is possible to get all seven at once.

  1. Juggernog costs 2,500 points and gives double health. It’s located on the floor under box 6.
  2. Quick Revive costs 1,500 points and decreases revive time by half. It’s located in the starting zone.
  3. Double Tap costs 1,500 points and doubles your fire rate. It’s located by the claymore room on the ship.
  4. PhD Flopper costs 2,000 points and removes self inflicted falling and grenade damage, also causes you to emit a explosion when diving to prone from an area where you would normally take falling damage.also prevents damage from ray gun. It’s located under the floor of box 3.
  5. Slight of Hand costs 3,000 points and increases reload speed. It’s located in the doorway in the basement of the lighthouse. Take a right and go down the slide.
  6. Stamina Up costs 2,000 points and increases running distance and makes all weapons lightweight for increased running speed. It’s located in the building straight down from the lighthouse basement doorway, past box 1.
  7. Dead Shot costs 1,500 points. This is the new perk which allows you to lock on to a zombies head rather then its body when aiming down sights.

New stuff

Scavenger: Weapon type: Sniper Rifle
This weapon fires an explosive bolt that sticks to your target and detonates after five seconds. About a 5-10 feet blast radius.

I give this weapon a 5 out of 5 due to the fact that it’s blast radius can kill you if your not careful. I recommend you have the PhD Flopper and Stamina Up perks if you’re using this weapon for close range.
Becomes the Hyena Infra-Dead when Pack-a-Punched. Gains an increased magazine and ammo size, damage, blast radius and a infrared scope. This version is great for doing damage to George Romeo. Using just this weapon will kill George Romeo within 3 magazines (3 full clips) in a four player match.

VR-11: Weapon type: Wonder Weapon
This weapon turns a zombie into a human form in which will attract zombies to follow him and kill him, it also has the ability to make the zombies not attack you for 15 seconds. I give this weapon a 4 out of 5 due to the fact it has a low amount of ammo, short range and you have to hit a zombie directly to affect him. The Pack-A-Punched version is the VR-11 Lazarus. Which does the same thing but has an increased radius, ammo and magazine size. When used on the player when Pack-A-Punched it gives the player the ability to instantly kill zombies. When you get a kill on the zombie you will still get 130 points and an additional 60 points will be gained by the person who used the VR-11.

Wunderwaffe DG-2: Weapon type: Wonder Weapon
This drop is a ammo based weapon that, once it’s used up it’s gone. It has 3 rounds per magazine and 14 total and this weapon fires a bolt of lightning that kills and chains to the other near by zombies. I give this weapon a 5 out of 5 due to it’s power and light weight so you can maneuver with it. Also this weapon is affected by max ammo drops.

Keep in mind that the Wunderwaffe DG-2 only drops if you have earned the Stand-in (drops for you in solo if earned) or Ensemble Cast (drops for you in co-op if earned) achievements. You cannot revive anyone if this weapon is in your hands and only 1 Wunderwaffe DG-2 can be on the map at a given time.

George A. Romero Boss Zombie
Appears starting round 1 and is slow moving He only becomes enraged and will charge at you if you shoot at him. You can bring George Romeo back to a calm state by bringing him into the cold water which can be found in many areas of the map. Another thing about George Romeo is that you can get rid of him temporarily, but can’t kill him. There are 2 methods to get rid of him.

Method 1: Brute force. I do not recommend trying to attack George Romeo since he comes back after a round or so after you get rid of him and because he has a MASSIVE amount of health. I’ve tried and have defeated him in solo and it has taken me 2 full death machines, power up drops and a standard unpack-a-punched Ray Gun.

Method 2: VR-11 Lazarus. I recommend this method if your having a lot of trouble handling George Romeo. All you do is take a VR-11 and take it to a Pack-a-Punch machine and upgrade it and then when it’s upgraded bring George Romeo into the water and fire it once at him. Immediately he should go under water and leave you alone. You’ll still hear him talk though.

Personally I am used to having him follow me around. But if you do defeat him using method 1, he will drop a free random perk for everyone and a death machine for 1 person. Also if you have the Ensemble Cast or Stand-in achievement instead of a death machine he’ll drop a lightning drop which rewards you the Wunderwaffe DG-2.

Once the power is on this machine spawns in the water in three different locations.

Area 1: In the starting area by Quick Revive.
Area 2: Behind the lighthouse by Stamina Up.
Area 3: In the water below the floor by Juggernog.

You can tell where the Pack-A-Punch spawns at by looking at the direction of the flashes from the lighthouse. Pack-A-Punch cost 5,000 points and it upgrades your weapons.

Each weapon gets a power boost and an extended clip. The difference between wall and box Pack-a-Punched weapons is the box weapons get more power and ammo then a wall weapon because you can’t get more ammo from a box weapon unless you get a max ammo. You can buy ammo for wall weapons that are Pack-a-Punched. It cost 4,000 points to buy ammo and it will fill the entire gun.

Achievement guide for Ensemble Cast and Stand-in

Note that you can get both achievements if you do the co-op version and also Ensemble Cast only requires 2 people minimum to complete.If you want to respond to the people at the door knife it or press the action button to answer them (needed for each step)

Step 1: Turn on power
Step 2: Go to the metal door at the bottom floor of the PhD Flopper.
Step 3: Collect fuse from floor above. It’s on the table or on the left side of that storage cabinet just press and hold X (Xbox 360) or square (PS3) to pick it up and bring to the fuse box by the door and insert use the action button X (Xbox 360) square (PS3).

Step 4: Listen to them talk and they mention something about destroying the domes on the generators. There are 4 of them you have to destroy and you can recognize the dome by the red light with. Explosives such as the Cross Bow, M72 LAW, Scavenger and grenades will work. The generators are located at:

  1. Over behind the boarded up window by Stamina Up (also can be seen from top of the lighthouse).
  2. In the water on the left side of the boat by the Double Tap perk (right side if your looking at the perk machine).
  3. In between the ice of the broken half of the boat.
  4. Right next to the metal door for the starting point of this entire thing.

Once all the lights are gone go to the door and knife it.

(Skip to step 6 C: for solo)

Step 5 (co-op only): After listening to them they will ask for vodka. This will spawn anywhere on the map where someone can stand under you. It is found in a small block of ice on a railing of the map, once found have your partner stand under it and you knife the block of ice and it should fall. In Order to catch it you have to hold the action button and your character should say they caught it. If you didn’t it will spawn on a different railing on the map so just try again. Once caught go to the metal door and you should see a tube to the left, this is will give them the bottle if you press and hold the action button. Now you’re almost done and all you have to do is knife the door for the final and longest step…

Step 6 A (co-op only): Setting the dials from bottom being purple 6, bottom middle being blue 7, top middle being orange 4 and yellow being 2. Simple enough huh? Well guess again each dial you change by 1 will also cause the top and bottom dial to change as well (example: move yellow by 1 and orange and purple will move by 1 as well) I know of an easy solution just follow me step by step.

  • Step 1: Go to purple and turn it to 6.
  • Step 2: Go to orange and have your partner go to blue and just turn orange until blue is 4.
  • Step 3: Go to yellow and have your partner go to orange and turn yellow until orange is at 7.
  • Step 4: Turn yellow to 2 AND COUNT HOW MANY IT TAKES TO GET TO 2 and then turn purple that many times. Example: you turn yellow 5 times so you turn purple 5 times.
  • Step 5: Turn blue to 4 and the dials from bottom to top should be 6-4-7-2.

Sometimes this method doesn’t work. In that case just change the dials a couple times and try again.

Step 6 B (co-op only): They don’t tell you on much you have to do all you know is that you have to get a golden rod. First you have to activate the four Morse code radios located around the map and must be hit in this order.
On the second floor of the ship on top of a shelve.
In the building by stamina up on the floor (there is 2 radios there the other one don’t worry if you hit it by mistake)
In the storage cart near the 1,000 point door on the top side half of the boat near Juggernog it’s laying sideways.
On a cabinet near the metal door.

Step 6 C (solo & co-op): After completing the last step you should hear Morse code but I’m pretty sure you didn’t know how to translate it, but what it’s saying is to go to the power room and turn the steering wheel to the 5 o’clock position and turn the throttle levers (there’s 3 of them in a row but only the left and right one work) use the left lever three times and the right lever two times. Once completed you will hear a fog horn and a submarine with a green light will come out of the water.

(Skip to step 7 for solo)

Step 6 D (co-op only): Fog horns, at the bottom of the lighthouse if you’re standing at the door looking away from the AK-74u you’ll see a metal disk looking thing on the ground on the left, press that one first. Then go down the ice slide and head past the Speed Cola and go directly to the right corner. The third one is back on the side with the lighthouse, it’s the one that’s closer to the AK-74u. And the final one is back on the other side by a large chunk of ice that you can go around. (it’s not that hidden) and press it. A green light will show in the lighthouse and that’s how you’ll know you did this step right. If you did the step wrong the submarine will go underwater and you’ll have to wait until the next round to try again.

Step 7 (solo & co-op): Actually obtaining the rod. You see the green light in the light house? Well take the VR-11, a zombie and your team to the basement of the lighthouse. Then have your team stand on the stairs and the player with the VR-11 shoot the zombie and he’ll go into the beam of light. Once he starts floating up everyone start shooting him with your best weapon until he goes limp and starts leaning back like he is dead. Then wait for him to go to the top of the lighthouse and he should disappear and the golden rod should fall to the bottom of the lighthouse and be in the beam of light. After a player grabs the rod they should go back to the metal door and insert the rod into the air shoot to the left of the door and then knife the door.

Final step (solo & co-op): The guys will thank you for obtaining the rod and they use a teleporter to leave and it backfires but all you have to do is fix the fuse by knifing it and the will thank you yet again and a death machine power up will drop (it’s actually the Wunderwaffe-DG2) and your achievement will unlock. If doing Ensemble Cast you’ll get both

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