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Published on September 6th, 2010 | by CodCom

Call of Duty: Black Ops “Wager Match”

It’s always a good sign when the creators of the game listen to the community and do something with the feedback they get and this is exactly the case with Call of Duty: Black Ops Wager Matches. This is by far one of the more highly anticipated features of the Treyarch game.

With the Wager Matches, you’ve got four different modes and progression is separated from the “normal” multiplayer. As the name reveals, before each match you will betting in-game currency, which is called “CoD” points, which you can earn back by finishing in the top three, this is also called “Being in the Money”. You might wonder how one can be in the Money? It all depends on the mode you are playing.

1. One in the Chamber

In this Wager Match game mode every players spawns with a pistol, one bullet and three lives. If you miss, you’ll only have the melee attack to your disposal! The only way to acquire more bullets is by killing other players. f you kill another player you get to take their bullet.

2. Sticks & Stones

In this Wager Match game mode all players start with the same weapon. They are equipped with a Crossbow, a Ballistic Knife and a Tomahawk. With this Wager Match there is 1 twist. If you kill another player with the Tomahawk, you’ll bankrupt that player.

3. Gun Game

Earn better weapons with each kill.  Being killed will set you back a tier to your previous weapon. This Wager game-mode will hand players a progressive series of weapons, based on kills. You start up with a pistol and, with every kill, you progress to the next weapon. The first player who progresses through all the weapons will win the Gun Game but. With the Gun Game you have to be careful, because if somehow you get knifed you’ll be set back one tier.

4. Sharpshooter

With this Wager Match game mode all players start with the same weapons, which are randomly selected and change after a period of time.  You’ll continue cycling through these weapons at random. In this fourth Wager Match game mode every player will start with the same randomly selected weapon. After a fixed amount of time everyone will be switched to another randomly selected weapon. In Sharp Shooter, with each kill you’ll earn a perk and eventually a scoring multiplier.

As per usual, when you drop out due to a disconnected Internet connection  or poor sportsmanship, is the same as losing the match, meaning you’ll lose Points.  Given that you need these points to buy a variety of weapons and more, this is a great (and addictive) way to get some points a little quicker than building them up.

So what do you think of what Treyarch has done with Black Ops’ Wager Matches? Which mode do you think you are going to like best?


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