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Published on September 30th, 2010 | by CodCom

Black Ops Zombie Mode Is NOT Called Nova

I’m on Twitter all day long [Follow me @CodCom] and when I see news about Call of Duty: Black Ops, I can’t help myself but to get excited. This was the case when I saw messages appear claiming that the good old zombie mode we know from World at War would be called Nova in Black Ops.

The first site I noticed stating this fact was After seeing the tweet I immediately had a look at the article written there and it looked pretty legit. Except the source of the article wasn’t made public.

Shortly after the first website stating that the Zombie mode would be called Nova, a second website popped up, stating the same. This time is was and it had pretty much the same article as the one on WreckedGamer and once again, no source. This time however, there was a YouTube video involved, kind of backing up what was written in the article.

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This all got me curious so I send tweet to JD_2020 [aka Josh Olin] asking:

Hey @JD_2020 what’s up with the new zombie mode being called Nova? Any light you can shed on this situation? #CODBlackOps [See tweet]

And it’s only a few minutes later when I get this answer:

JD_2020 @CodCom It’s not… Don’t believe every rumor you hear. [See tweet]

At this stage I wasn’t convinced yet, as Treyarch folks are known for their jokes and humor. So I asked about the video:

@JD_2020 Just to be sure. You saying this is a fake? [this being the video, and see tweet]

and this was his answer:

JD_2020 @CodCom Yes, that is a hoax, none of those screenshots are even remotely accurate… [See tweet]

This pretty much confirms that the information about the Zombie mode being called Nova is fake. I hope that clears things out for you.

Image source: Los Angeles Times

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