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Published on January 25th, 2011 | by CodCom

Black Ops Receives Patch 1.06 [PS3]

Even though there are rumors [taken out of context] about Activision having the option to close down the PSN servers, the rumors aren’t enough to keep Treyarch from continuing to work on the PlayStation 3 version of Black Ops. We, the players, are aware that Black Ops on the PlayStation 3 needs fixing, Treyarch is aware that it needs fixing and it looks like it isn’t all talk no action over at Treyarch.

Today, January 25th, at 2AM PST Treyarch released patch 1.06 for the PlayStation 3. I’ve got to admit that there are a lot of things changing in patch 1.06. A lot of fixes are being implemented and there are even 2 small and new features.

Though the list of addressed issues is a long one, I think the first 3 issues are the most important ones for PlayStation 3 players. This is what the full list of addressed features and gameplay tuning looks like [taken from codhq]:

Issues Addressed:

  • Fixed freeze associated with larger games.
  • Improved reliability of players connections to one another.
  • Improved ability to bring parties to the game lobby. Late party joiners would try to connect to previous lobby host and be denied if new joiners trigger a lobby host migration.
  • Addressed an issue where the Host encounters and infinite spinning loading circle after a Host migration.
  • Fixed a timing specific, long/infinite loading screen when joining games (sometimes giving you “Error – Read error (0x80010713) on file <map name>”).
  • Fixed a timing-specific freeze when host powered down during host migration.
  • Cleaned up the map search filter in the Community section (deleted unused entries).
  • Fixed Combat Training’s “USE FRIENDS” option for bots names.
  • Fixed issue with split-screen guest profile names being blank, resulting in matches never launching.
  • Instead of showing the generic “Player” for offline profiles in LAN, we now display the PS3 profile name.
  • Fixed Friends list appearing after viewing a Friends Playercard from the Leaderboards.
  • Fixed filter so players can now view Friends on Zombies leadboards.
  • Fix timing specific issue where the game can be put into slow motion.
  • Addressed “disconnected path” error when using the doors in Radiation after a host migration.
  • Fixed stability issues navigating lobbies after client on Split Screen Zombies quits out of a game.
  • Addressed issue/exploit when removing Counter Spy Plane effects with the Jammer.
  • Fixed a freeze when quickly loading maps one after another in private match.
  • Fixed issue where players get primary weapons in Second Chance.
  • Fixed “NEW” stamp not disappearing for Custom Slot 9 when highlighting the slot.
  • Removed water vision effect when respawning after dying in the acid pool in Radiation.
  • Several contract fixes.

Gameplay Tuning:

  • Second Chance – players that put an enemy into Second Chance are now credited for a full kill once that enemy dies. If another player kills the enemy while the enemy is in Second Chance, they will get assist credit.
  • Adjustments to the PSG1 with attachments.
  • AK74U adjustments.
  • RCXD adjustments.
  • Silenced sniper rifle adjustments.
  • Removed hit markers when shooting friendly equipment.

As per usual the list looks good and impressive, but will the fixes that matter actually fix something this time? Let us know in the comment section!

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