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Published on December 22nd, 2010 | by GOODKyle

Black Ops & Other Action Games Boost Brain Power?!

A host of new studies suggests that you should keep playing Black Ops and other assortments of action games. NPR reports on a series of brain studies that playing action games can “improve one’s attention”, “multitasking ability”, “visions skills”, “spatial reasoning”, and “contrast sensitivity”.

“It turns out that action video games are far from mindless,” says Daphne Bavelier, a professor of brain and cognitive sciences at the University of Rochester. When you perform an act like piloting a helicopter in the Mekong River in Black Ops (featured image), you build on each of the listed above qualities. These then lead to the development of “real world skills”.

Not only that but psych professor, at University of Toronto, Jay Pratt claims his studies have shown that women typically score worse than men on spatial cognition tests, but “improved substantially after playing action games”. So the next time your loved one says she doesn’t want to play “your crappy war games”, convince her that they are far from stupid!

Please check out the rest of the article for it is truly an interesting read.

[Source: NPR]

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