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Published on December 3rd, 2010 | by CodCom

Black Ops Myths Are Being Busted

Who doesn’t love it when Adam and the Hyneman (Jamie) are busting myths. That was a rhetorical question, don’t answer it.

The love for busting myths doesn’t stop with the show Mythbusters. It goes on in Call of Duty: Black Ops. There are a few groups of people making episodes of “Black Ops Mythbusters” and if you’ve played Modern Warfare 2, you must have heard from the folks of DTH (DefendTheHouse). They made a series of Mythbusters for Modern Warfare 2. In case you have missed the Modern Warfare 2 myth busting,  have a look at their YouTube channel.

Well, they didn’t stop with Modern Warfare 2. Not long ago they released the first episode of their Black Ops Mythbusters series. In the first episode you will find the answer to the following myths:

  • You can place a C4 on top of a RC-XD?
  • You can shoot down a Valkyrie Missile?
  • Care Package Helicopters can crash into each other?
  • The doors on Radiation can crush you?
  • Flak Jacket will protect you from a RC-XD explosion?
  • You can shoot down a Care Package helicopter?
  • You can dive over an RPG?

You can watch the first episode of DTH’s Black Ops Mythbusters video down below.

Good thing for us, the Call of Duty fans, DTH isn’t the only group making the Black Ops Mythbuster videos. Twitter user @SHS_EliteKnight (YouTube Channel) and his buddy @aKa_BFeLLa (YouTube Channel) are also at it and they 2 made a couple of Black Ops Mythbuster videos. In the first episode you will find the answer to the following myths:

  • Can you take down a GunShip with a Tomahawk?
  • Can you shoot down the Rocket on Launch with a Valkyrie?
  • Can you shoot down the Valkyrie Missile out of Mid-Air?
  • Can you kill someone with the RC-XD under a set of steps?
  • Can you blow up the RC-XD with a Care Package?

Have a look at the first episode of @SHS_EliteKnight and @aKa_BFeLLa’s first Black Ops Mythbuster video.

Being a crazy Black Ops fan, I love to see videos such as these. Most of the time it’s purely for entertainment purposes, but once a while you get to pick out something useful which you can use while playing.

What do you think of the “Black Ops Mythbusters” videos?

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