Call of Duty: Black Ops Black Ops MythBusters [8]

Published on February 18th, 2011 | by CodCom

Black Ops MythBusters [8]

The 8th Black Ops MythBusters article already and today we have bad news. Well, sort of. The creators of “the other” Black Ops MythBusters videos, EliteKnight and Earthodox have decided to put an end to the first season of their series with their 12th video. If you think that this would be the end of them, don’t be afraid as they plan to make a second season of their MythBusters videos.

As for the “primary”  creators of MythBusters videos, Defendthehouse, they released their 5th video. In the 5th episode you will see the following myths:

  • A falling Care Package will destroy an RC-XD
  • Using a zipline will discard your Death Machine
  • The Auto-Turrets on Berlin Wall will not shoot through smoke
  • Knifing a dead body shortly after a kill can result in an instant second kill
  • You can capture a flag while in Second Chance
  • Launchers can lock onto Valkyrie Missiles

In EliteKnight’s MythBusters video you will see the following myths:

  • You can shoot the score board and it will make a sound
  • Y0u can set of a Claymore with Nova Gas
  • You can kill a player in Second Chance with an RC-XD
  • You can shoot down a friendly Attack Helicopter with Valkyrie Missiles
  • You can hide behind a Care Package and not die in No Man’s Land
  • You can blow up a Valkyrie Missile with a Flamethrower
  • You can get hurt from you own Sentry Gun
  • You can shoot down a friendly Gunship with Valkyrie Missiles

Enjoy the Myths and if you would like to see the previous Myths in action, be sure to check out our “MythBusters” collection.

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