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Published on January 21st, 2011 | by CodCom

Black Ops MythBusters [5]

Following up on our latest Black Ops MythBusters article, here is the 5th one.

EliteKnight and Earthodox are still working hard on the MythBusters videos and they managed to produce their 9th episode.

While they aren’t at the same level as Defendthehouse, at this rate it won’t be long before their videos will hit the +100,000 views regularly.

Anyway, these are the 12 myths you will be seeing in episode 9:

  • A Sam Turret will take out an enemy Sam Turret’s rocket
  • You will not die if you have Flak Jacket Pro when taking a Care Package that has been booby trapped
  • A Willy Pete will blow up a RC-XD
  • You can blow up a Spy Plan with a Chopper Gunner
  • You can place a Tac Insert on the doors on Radiation
  • A Care Package can destroy a Camera Spike
  • You can snipe between the player’s legs
  • Shooting a Ballistic Knife at a gun will kill your enemy
  • You can lure dogs away with Decoy grenades
  • A dog  can be crushed by a Care Package
  • Dogs can kill their owner if in front of an enemy who’s in a corner
  • A Mortar Team can take out a Valkyrie Rocket

If you have any myths you want to see in action, you can send in your myths here. Looking forward to their next episode!

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