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Published on January 15th, 2011 | by CodCom

Black Ops MythBusters [4]

We’ve been trying out the Black Ops MythBuster articles and looking at the statistics, people seem to be interested in them. This means that we will continue to share Black Ops MythBusters videos with the community.

I’m not talking about just DefendTheHouse’s videos, but also about videos made by EliteKnight and Earthodox [Their YouTube Channel]. While the latter group is less known, the videos they make are as fun to watch as any other. Today we will be sharing  episode 7 and 8 from season 1.

The myths you will see in episode 7 are:

  • You can’t die by an RC-XD when using Flack Jacket Pro
  • You can kill a dog with a Flash grenade or Nova gas in  Hardcore mode
  • You can kill yourself with a Flash grenade or Nova gas in  Hardcore mode
  • You can take down a B52 with a Valkyrie Rocket
  • You can kill a dog with a Flashbang grenade in Core mode
  • You can blow up a C4 when it’s still in their hands
  • You can revive 2 people that use  Second Chance Pro (at the same time)
  • The Rocket on Launch will destroy a Gunship
  • Dogs cannot find you if Ghost Pro and Ninja Pro are equipped
  • You can snipe the pilot of a Gunship
  • The Rocket on Launch will kill you through walls

The myths you will see in episode 8 are:

  • You can survive the minefield on Jungle if you crawl
  • If you have a Tomahawk equipped you can’t throw back Frags
  • You can shoot the gunner out of a Chopper Gunner
  • You lunge farther with a Ballistic Knife
  • Care Package chopper will get taken down by a Napalm
  • A Blackbird can spot enemy dogs
  • China Lakes don’t set of a Gunship’s flares
  • You can stick an enemy Claymore to an enemy RC-XD
  • The Spas-12 has a longer range than the Masterkey
  • You can dive over a Claymore
  • Nova gas can go through the doors on Radiation

Hope you enjoy the 2 videos.

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