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Published on December 30th, 2010 | by CodCom

Black Ops MythBusters [3]

Defendthehouse doesn’t take a step back and keeps producing Black Ops MythBuster videos. Today we have the third episode of the Black Ops Mythbusters series.

The second group to make Black Ops MythBusters videos is EliteKnight and Earthodox. They’ve been at it as well and have produced up to 6 videos so far. Below you will find the 6th episode of season 1. To see the other 5 videos, you can have a look at their YouTube channel.

Here you have a list of all the myths you’ll see in the third episode of Defendthehouse’s Black Ops MythBusters video:

  • You can survive a fall by landing on another player?
  • You can kill yourself with a Tomahawk?
  • Mortars can destroy aircraft?
  • You can stick explosive bolts to care packages?
  • You can kill yourself with a SAM Turret?
  • What If it hits a wall? (The SAM Turret that is)
  • Smoke and Gas Grenades disappear in puddles?
  • You can shoot down the rocket on Launch?

These are the myths you will find in EliteKnight and Earthodox’s Black Ops MythBusters video:

  • You can See a BlackBird Flying  High
  • You can Get your CP (Care Package) when it lands on Top of the Truck on NukeTown
  • The Rocket on Launch will blow up an RC-XD
  • You can make  GunShip and Chopper Gunner Crash into each other
  • You can Shoot through the TV on NukeTown
  • You can destroy a Sentry Gun with a Tomahawk
  • You can kill someone with 2 decoys
  • You can stack Care Packages to get onto places normally not accessible
  • You can destroy a SAM Turret with a Tomahawk

If you haven’t had a chance to see the first 2 Black Ops MythBusters articles yet, take a look at article 1 and article 2.

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