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Published on December 15th, 2010 | by CodCom

Black Ops MythBusters [2]

It’s time for another round of myth busting in Call of Duty: Black Ops. As we get more Mythbuster videos there are bound to be myths you’ve seen in other episodes, but this shouldn’t make them less enjoyable to watch. I’ve decided that I’ll share Black Ops mythbuster videos from 2 sources. The first source is DefendTheHouse and the second one is from @SHS_EliteKnight.

In case you have missed the first Black Ops Mythbusters article, you can it here: Black Ops Myths Are Being Busted

In the video made by DefendTheHouse you will see the following myths either being confirmed or busted:

  • You can destroy a helicopter with a Tomahawk?
  • A player will feel the effects of a flash grenade while operating a killstreak reward?
  • Care Package other airdropped items can be re-rolled using Hardline Pro?
  • Flames can penetrate the doors on Radiation?
  • You cannot go down [or up] stairs while in Second Chance?
  • SAM Turrets will shoot down Valkyrie Missiles?
  • You can place C4 on top of a friendly RC-XD?

In the video made by SHS_EliteKnight you will see the following myths either being confirmed or busted:

  • You can be flashed while calling in a Gunship and still be flashed in the Gunship.
  • Calling in a Blackbird will unjam your radar.
  • Two Valkyrie Missiles can collide into each other.
  • Semtex can be shot out of mid-air.
  • You can get a headshot with a Tomahawk.
  • You can kill a teammate with a barrel in non hardcore modes.
  • A Sam Turret will take out a Valkyrie Missile.
  • A vent in NukeTown will suck up your Tomahawks.

I hope you enjoy the Black Ops Mythbuster articles. If it’s being read enough, we’ll keep sharing them with the community.

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