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Published on January 7th, 2011 | by GOODKyle

Black Ops 2nd & 4th Most Rented Game of 2010

With earth shattering sales and out of this world statistics, Black Ops finds its way on the 2010 rental sales record. Surprisingly is falls to 2nd most rented game twice and even down to 4th most rented game on the PS3 side of things.

This latest news was released by Gamefly, the world’s largest (and arguably the best) renting service, which dished out the charts and statistics for 2010. Regardless of these facts, something tells me Activision and Treyarch don’t care. They’re too busy rolling around in the millions of dollars their Call of Duty game raked in at retail!

Whether good or bad, Black Ops finds its way to the top of the charts once again. Check the source link below for top games and their console rankings.

[via: Industry Gamers]

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