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Published on June 15th, 2011 | by CodCom

Black Ops Map Pack 3 (Annihilation) Leaked?

Update 2: Activision officially confirmed the Annihilation map pack.
Update 1: As per usual, after a leak more information surfaces which sometimes changes the original story. To start, we’ve not got a clearer image of GameStop’s promotional material.

Black Ops Map Pack 3: Annihilation

Black Ops Map Pack 3: Annihilation

The second part of this story was the name of the map pack. At first we thought it would be Retaliation, but after having a second look at the poster, you can see that the map pack will be called Annihilation.

And the last bit of new information is the release date for the Annihilation map pack, which is (according to the poster) June 28th, 2011. Let’s see how accurate the new information is.

Thank you  for the additional information.

Original story: GameStop’s promotional material revealed something we all knew was coming. Black Ops’ third map pack. If we have to believe the presumably leaked image, Black Ops‘s third map pack will once again include 4 multiplayer maps (Hazard, Drive In, Silo and Hanger 18) and a new zombie experience called Zombies.

Black Ops Map Pack 3

Black Ops Map Pack 3

The chances of the image being fake are there, but this would’t be the first time a map pack leaked ahead of schedule. With Black Ops’ second map pack, Escalation, it was GAME Australia who jumped the gun a week before early.

On the left side of the image you’ll see the letter N in blue. If it follows the same style used in the Escalation’s promotional material, the letter N is the last letter of the map pack’s name. If the following video is correct, the map pack will be named Retaliation. Or it could be just a coincidence…

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