Call of Duty: Black Ops Black Ops Double XP Weekend March 4th-7th

Published on March 2nd, 2011 | by CodCom

Black Ops Double XP Weekend March 4th-7th

Most Black Ops players were wondering when the second Black Ops double XP weekend was going to be and Josh Olin just tweeted an answer to that.

The second double XP weekend will start approximately at 10AM PST on Friday March 4th and it will end the same time Monday 7th. Just like the previous double XP weekend, this one will be going live on all platforms. But unlike the previous double XP weekend which lasted for 3 days, this one will last for 4 days

#CODBlackOps Double-XP will begin at approx. 10a PST on Friday, March 4th. It ends the same time Monday. All Platforms.
Josh Olin

I can only hope this double XP weekend doesn’t start at a bad time for you as it’s not often a Black Ops double XP weekend will present itself to you. But then again, it lasts for 4 days, so you’re bound to get something out of it.

Having said that, who’s looking forward to this double XP weekend and how do you plan to gain the most out of it?

Update: Xbox 360 users prepare yourself for a “NukeTown 24/7″ playlist as it is your turn to have fun with this playlist. With the previous double XP weekend the PS3 users could enjoy a NukeTown 24/7 playlist but the tables have turned. If you haven’t heard of a NukeTown playlist yet. In short, it’s a playlist with only the NukeTown map but with different game modes.

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