Call of Duty: Black Ops Black Ops Dedicated Servers Patched

Published on March 2nd, 2011 | by CodCom

Black Ops Dedicated Servers Patched

PC fans making use of the dedicated servers for Black Ops are going to be happy with this news. In a few hours you should all be playing on patched servers, which means no more weird circumstances after a player was kicked from a reserved slot.

Josh Olin wrote the following on the Black Ops forums (via):

Hey PC fans,

We’re rolling out a Dedicated Servers patch over the next few hours or so which will require each server to be restarted.

The patch addresses some bugs associated with Player Kicking / Reserved Slots. This shouldn’t affect the day-to-day interactions for most players. But for players who experienced abnormal game behavior as a result of reserved slot kicking functionality, this is now resolved.

There were two main problems which occurred under very specific circumstances.

1] The player being kicked would sometimes see a temporary rank reset, which could cause other strange behavior with contracts, create-a-class, emblems, etc.
2] When a player is kicked from a reserved slot, one of the remaining players could experience strange behavior (spawn with no weapon, “rubber banding”, or checkerboard textures).

The 2nd case only occurred with reserved slot usage on an otherwise full server.

The client PC Patch 1.07 is still in development, and will be much more comprehensive. More details on that still to come.


Like Josh Olin said, patch 1.07 is still in development and should be a much more comprehensive patch. Until then, enjoy the current patch.

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