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Published on November 29th, 2010 | by CodCom

Black Ops Banned In Germany?

Black Ops is now officially banned in Germany. The government of Germany declined Treyarch’s offer of the game being published in their country. They said no to this offer. What’s their reason? They don’t want to see scenes of the video game that had torture in it.  Since the campaign has a LOT of that, they declined it.

There were more reasons like, not wanting to see blood. The most important reason that government said no was of the swastika. In the many game modes on Black Ops there are swastikas. Knowing Germany’s past I think we could understand why they dislike that very much. Knowing fans though the game will somehow get to Germany, there is probably one there right now. Germany can and will take legal actions to whomever sells this game to a person in Germany. So don’t sell this game on your website to Germany to avoid any legal action they can take towards you.

This is currently the only country that has banned Black Ops to this day. This game however might sell to people in Germany with “different” game.  It will have less features of the regular game itself. Less or no blood, torture, and swastikas will be in Germany’s Black Ops if this happens.

Russia modified the game of Modern Warfare 2 like Germany might with Black Ops. Even though they might mod the game to their laws some people will buy the full on game that will be imported from a country with the game like the U.S. or Japan. Most people want the blood, the torture, the swastikas, or just not to feel like they got less of what they could have. One German said, “Well, in Germany we have a very strict law for video games. A lot of games with violence are cut. But I don’t care. I’m going to import this game.” That was said on CoD Black Ops News in the forums by E-Eye.

This game might not be legal to own Black Ops the full game in Germany but it might be in German’s version if they make it, and lets all hope they do so everyone can play this outstanding game.

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