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Published on February 2nd, 2011 | by GOODKyle

Black Ops DLC “Ascension” Easter Egg

Everyone loves “Easter Eggs” in video games. (For those thinking of the Holiday scavenger hunt, Easter Eggs in a video game consists of a special treat, privileged info, or a reference in the game itself). Stumbling upon these treats is satisfying in its own right by the creators who put them there and Black Ops is no exception. To name an example would be the NukeTown mannequin Easter Egg…shoot off all the heads of each mannequin in NukeTown within 30 seconds and see what happens. But the one this article will be about is in the newly released Black Ops DLC titled “Ascension”.

“Ascension” has you starting off in a Russian science facility with objectives (and zombie killing) leading you outside. One of the newest additions to the Call of Duty zombie craze is the Gersch Device, which acts like a black hole and sucks anything around it. It so happens that an interesting event will happen if you aim and fire the Gersch Device at a generator to the right of the Russian A in the article’s picture. The voice you hear at the beginning of the level comes back and says quite a mouthful once the generator is swallowed.

“You’ve done it! Now it needs as much power as possible. Hurry, she’s getting nearer.”

Now I’m sure you must be going like “WTF!” because there was no objective that required you to do anything regarding “enveloping” a generator. Once more is who this she is? Could this be the beginning of an actual story to the Call of Duty zombie era? Is it possible that this she was referenced before in previous zombie level intels? Better yet, could this one Easter Egg be a series of Easter Eggs that leads to something intriguing? We would like to ask you, the Call of Duty Community, to help us find out.

[via: Device Magazine]

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