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Published on April 6th, 2011 | by GOODKyle

Black Ops 2 is a Possibility… No Duh!

First let’s start off by saying Call of Duty: Black Ops was a huge commercial success and raked in some serious cash. Just by that fact alone it should be assumed that Black Ops 2 is a BIG possibility. After all the ending of the game did leave some ambiguous events related to the post-game story. Plus, this could be Treyarch’s chance to build upon previous games like Infinity Ward’s Modern Warfare series.

But will there be a direct sequel to Black Ops…“Your guess is as good as mine,” says Treyarch community manager, Josh Olin. Sounds like he is playing coy no? However, in between the lines of his statements to the latest edition of UK OXM magazine suggest Mr. Olin knows all too well about a Black Ops 2.

“We’re so happy with Black Ops – it was incredible. Everyone hoped it would have this kind of success. We all knew how well Modern Warfare 2 did [in 2009], breaking all entertainment records, so the fact that Black Ops broke through it for a second year in a row and reset that record was incredible. We’re still really glad that we hit the ground with the DLC when we finished the game, because we knew we wanted to get it back out there.”

Let’s look at that statement a little closer shall we? Josh Olin was not shy at voicing his pride about Black Ops and how it overcame Modern Warfare 2. Almost to the point of admiration and compassion about the 7th Call of Duty game. If you enjoy what you’re doing and the object tied to your work…why not make another “similar game”? Hence the sequel Black Ops 2.

The last thing to point out is Treyarch’s position on the DLC. “We’re still really glad the we hit the ground with the DLC because we knew we wanted to get it back out there” makes it sound like they can’t wait to release Black Ops material. If both Treyarch and its community manager enjoy working on Black Ops that much and considering the cash flow the game brought in…a sequel is a no brainer. In fact readers, make sure you hold me to my word!

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