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Published on December 21st, 2010 | by GOODKyle

Some of the Best Black Ops Players Are Pissed Too!

Nearly everyone knows what a big commercial success Black Ops was. Now even more know of the “craziness” that the PS3 version has suffered through. Not just since release but even after the infamous 1.04 patch. From the get go 360 users have had certain privileges that PS3 owners did not and when the connection issues were worsen by patch 1.04, even the best players were fed up.

Below you will see 3 veteran Call of Duty players who posted their opinion on the official Call of Duty forums about this mess. Needless to say, they’re in league with every PS3 player out there. They go so far to say things like Treyarch’s PS3 Team is a bunch of hobos off the street! However, they do give credit where credit is due… Yes it will be an enjoyable read.

Tony Stark:
Well first of all, after forking over 64 bucks for a game I would expect it to work as advertised, I mean it is 2010 and we have put a man on the moon but I guess programming a game for a system that has been out almost four years is quite hard. What are we on? the 7th Call of Duty game now and almost every game released to date has had problems to start such as lag, glitches, cheats etc. I mean after COD4, W@W, and MW2 don’t you think when designing the game that past problems would be addressed first? Obviously not because Black Ops has these problems too. With the resources and money that these gaming companies have I would think it should be pretty easy to address the past problems and implement fixes for future titles, but rolling around in money is a lot more fun.

Anyway, after standing in line for Black Ops at the midnight release with much anticipation to play this game with little known problems, which was advertised – I wasn’t disappointed at first. However, the same old problems soon began: connection issues, lag, lag and did I mention lag? Host migration failing and more lag I thought, “Great another copy and paste port for the PS3. But weren’t we told it wasn’t a port?” Josh Olin said there was a dedicated PS3 team! A team of what? Homeless guys you hired off the street? So I shelved the game for a while and waited for a fix, which was in the form of patch 1.04 that was supposed to be this holy savior…Well that holy savior for most has ended up being the devil in the flesh. I downloaded the patch last night thinking, “Finally lets go kill some noobs!”, but to my disappointment the first 3 games I spawned into I didn’t even have a gun…Yeah seriously I spawned bare handed no gun, no knife melee just my fists…Needless to say it didn’t work out very well.

So off to the forums I went to see I wasn’t the only one having problems. The only comments I saw from developers were, “It’s your connection, it’s your nat, it’s your router etc…” Well if that was the case then why do other games work? By the way my PS3 is in the DMZ so it’s not my connection. So after 2 hard resets of my PS3 due to freezing I decided to shelve the game again. But I wanted to play damn it, so I decided to start thinking like a homeless guy hired to code a video game for the PS3, and for the record I know nothing about programming or code etc. I do have some knowledge and decided to check the game save data and game data utility which on my PS3 was reversed. Let me explain that a little, the online portion of the game that allows you to play online was placed in the wrong folder of my PS3. So what was happening online is there was no info for the servers to link me up with other players for gaming. So with my great knowledge and expertise I decided to delete both files and download again. And low and behold the devil in the flesh disappeared and off to pawn noobs I was. At least for now until the next set of problems. But let’s hope not! In my opinion the game play and balance of Black Ops is great . . . but you have to be able to play it first. End rant!

Jayson G:
Treyarch and Activision came out with a version update for COD Black Ops yesterday that I think it was more like a “downdate”. The Black Ops online game play on PS3 was already flakey enough and now they went ahead and pushed it completely over the edge. The online game play is so sporadic now you can barely even get into a game. Once you get into a game many people are complaining that they can’t even stay in the game for more than two minutes. What are these folks over at Treyarch and Activision doing? Everyone knows that Playstation network is a few steps below being awful and these clowns decide to release this patch and it seems like there was no testing or trial period involved because of the abundance of issues stemming from the “downdate”. I think I would even go as far to say PS3 online users are being ripped off because of all the times they are booted out of games before the end or host migration ends the game all because the devs want to release faulty patches and Playstation won’t host the damn games themselves!!

Randy Urias:
After three weeks of nonstop Black Ops, my brother would answer his cell phone as “Sir Pwnster”. Needless to say, the blockbuster release of Call Of Duty: Black Ops was a huge success. The game became the single greatest entertainment release of all time, raking in over $360 million in sales the first day. It’s ridiculously addictive multiplayer mode were so fun, my brother and I overlooked the constant connection problems and other glitches all PS3 owners were experiencing since launch day. The honeymoon was over on December 14th however, when Treyarch released patch 1.04 to cure all connection problems plaguing the game.

Patch 1.04, as all PS3 players know, made the multiplayer modes completely unplayable for over 24 hours. Everything has hiccups, issues, kinks to be worked out, it is understandable. So like many other PS3 Black Ops players, I turned to an internet search to find a solution to the problem, so that I could continue playing my new addiction. What I found came as a surprise, seeing search results for petitions against Activision and Treyarch, demands for refunds, and a general firestorm of very angry gamers. I too was angry about the horrible connection problems that made the game very frustrating to play, but I also found out that I was being ripped off.

Xbox360 owners have a host of features with their copy of Black Ops that I don’t have on the PS3. Playing split-screen online, your buddy can log in to his own account to level-up alongside you on the same system, while PS3 players just play the session as a temporary user. The 360 version also has significantly less connection issues than the PS3 version, not to say they are nonexistent, but they are definitely less, to the point where Xbox owners are NOT signing online petitions for a refund. Xbox players also could run their game directly from the multiplayer screen when they launch the game, something that PS3 owners can only do once they download the 1.04 patch. Why couldn’t Treyarch launch the game with this simple feature like they did with the Xbox version? Why can’t I gain experience when I play online with my brother?

The bottom line is that PS3 owners paid the same $60 dollars for what was supposed to be the same game on Xbox. Activision may have some kind of deal with Microsoft, promising exclusive content and extra features for their version, but if that is the case then consumers should know about it before we spend money on something that isn’t what we think it is, or what we are told it is. This has the potential to be a huge problem for not only Activision, who now has a huge chunk of disgruntled consumers, but also for Sony, who did nothing in their power to please their customers. It really is quite a bold move on Microsoft’s part, considering it is a reality that people buy new platforms simply for the ability to play huge blockbuster games like Black Ops. Hell, I upgraded to a new desktop when I discovered that my old one could not run Half-Life 2.

Regardless of any fixes the 1.04 patch brings to PS3 owners, the fact that we have been playing and will be playing a less polished game with missing features remains, and when more consumers realize this the game publisher is going to have a huge problem on their hands in the future.

So do you agree with these 3 veteran players or will you be like outspoken analyst Michael Pachter and say Treyarch’s reputation won’t suffer? No matter what side you are on, you have to see that something amiss happens on the PS3 side of things whenever Call of Duty is mentioned. The only question remaining is…will Call of Duty ever be fixed?

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