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Published on October 25th, 2010 | by CodCom

#AskJD [Josh Olin] Round 2 Questions

Sometime last week @JD_2020, also known as Josh Olin, Treyarch’s Community Manager, came up with the idea of answering the community questions on Twitter. For a certain period he would answer questions which were tagged with the #AskJD hash tag. If the community managed to make the #AskJD hash tag a trending topic, he would do the same little event one more time, and as you can guess by the title of this article, the community managed to make it a trending topic.

In the second some very interesting questions get answered and Kenjamin69 was kind enough to compile a list of most of the questions asked. It is a big list so make sure you take your time to read through all of the questions.

@JD_2020 #AskJD, Will the PS3 users be able to OWN YOU….PERSONALLY? 
@TheDollaSign Nobody can own me… I own all in my path!

@JD_2020 Will the Gun Game have the same weapon progression every time, or will it vary in some way?
@iam15ninjas Same one every time. The idea is, you master that progression, you will make bank with Gun Game.

@JD_2020 what are you guys doing with the annoying grenade launchers… Also are the Servers going to be more stable this time around?
@Ryan_Smith1 Noob Tubes will be disabled at the beginning of the round, much like we patched into #CoDWaW.

@JD_2020 #AskJD Is Second Chance going to be in the final game ? #CODBlackOps
@ABigClementine Absolutely.

#AskJD, which mp game modes have party chat available?
@jayhawkoholic All except Search & Destroy presently. That’s something we can change post-launch.

@JD_2020 #AskJD is there going to be noob tubes in #CODblackops ?
@iAMaEzE No, but there are Pro Pipes in #CODBlackOps =).

#AskJD Packers or Vikings?
@iammajora I’ve been a Packers fan all my life… But am a bigger Favre fan, especially with the mis-management of the Packers. #opinion

@TacInsertion Yep, you can set the Practice Dummies in Combat Training to use names from your Friends List =D.

@JD_2020 What does the “Lens” option do in Create A Class #AskJD
@ShadowKnight104 You can change your Lens tint color, like your Reticule color.

@JD_2020 What are the benefits of Prestiging? #AskJD
@koedyburkel There are various benefits. Not sure which @DavidVonderhaar would like revealed just yet =).

@JD_2020 #AskJD I’m guessing there are different difficulty levels for the AI in Combat Training. How hard is the hardest difficulty?
@heartbraden Pretty difficult. “Veteran”.

@JD_2020 #AskJD are there “strict” rules on how we can run our servers? ie no profanity,swearing, tubing?
@thiefsrevenge Absolutely, you will have the ability to set rules and enforce them in your PC Dedicated Servers.

@JD_2020 is there an alternative colour scheme in #CODBlackOps? #AskJD
@Gornoxx Yes. Color Blind friendly nametags are supported in #CODBlackOps.

@JD_2020 can you have different gametypes in a map rotation on a dedicated server for the PC? #askjd
@ripper998 Unranked servers can be configured much more freely. Ranked servers you’ll have to use preset Playlist-like configurations.

@JD_2020 does the story mode of #CODBlackOps take place during the Vietnam war or the Cold War? #AskJD
@Luke_Lillard Both. Vietnam was part of the Cold War. But it’s not a Vietnam game – it’s a fictional story that takes place during Cold War.

@JD_2020 I’m worried that shotguns won’t be a viable combat tactic. Will they have reasonable damage? Do you think they’re balanced? #AskJD
@Frizkie8 They’ll be balanced, rest assured.

@JD_2020 Will the Combat Record track stats on every individual gun or just the player? #AskJD
@HurrrDur Every individual gun =). You can even compare your stats in-game against a Friend. It’s the deepest Combat Record ever in COD.

@JD_2020 #AskJD Do your CODpoints reset when you prestige?
@lNeverNight Yes they do.

@JD_2020 how is the report system going to work? Can i just kick ppl out of public lobbies??
@KehJay You select a player, view his Player Card, and click one of the options under the “Report Player” menu (Boosting, Cheating, etc).

@JD_2020 Will you be able to get game currency in all game types or just in Wager Matches? #AskJD
@xboxGOD1312 You primarily get them in standard game matches. You then gamble them in Wager Matches. But you earn them like XP standard.

@JD_2020 #AskJD do u think the rc car is too early to achieve as a three kill streak?
@sku96 I do not.

#AskJD Mad about the Vikings? cuz i am
@RaveGamer Very. They were robbed a TD, and GB handed a freebie.

@JD_2020 If you get a double kill in Gun Game, what happens? Do you just have an extra kill, or do you go up two tiers? #AskJD
@Blashemer You do NOT advance two tiers. To advance to a tier, you MUST get a kill with the previous Tier’s weapon.

#AskJD @JD_2020 how many prestiges are there going to be? 10? 20? 100?
@itsmillatyme 15.

@JD_2020 Why does #CODBlackOps look like #MW2 with different skins? was the engine rehashed? #AskJD
@SuckaB Nope. It’s a heavily modified / enhanced #CoDWaW engine.

@JD_2020 #askjd how many frames per second are you guys running on the Xbox?
@RaJeKaJe04 720p, 60 frames per second.

#ASKJD Did you basically add stopping power to the guns? Like did you increase the weapon strength to compensate for no stopping power?
@NellZzzCFG No.

#AskJD @JD_2020 will you reveal all PRO versions of perks before #codBlackOps release? #AskJD
@lexusex Probably not. Have to leave some things to be desired .

@JD_2020 #AskJD Please will you confirm if the 4 zombie maps are from W@W, and will they be available for seperate purchase?
@maddenking1234 The only way to get the #CoDWaW Zombies maps presently is to buy the Hardened or Prestige editions. I can’t predict future.

@JD_2020 #AskJD How in-depth will the online statistic tracker be?
@heartbraden I can tell you the in-game Stats Tracking is the deepest in #CODBlackOps it’s ever been in Call of Duty.

#AskJD will the Ps3 have the player card feature as well?
@D_Sutt25 Absolutely.

@JD_2020 Will you answer any Zombies-related questions? Or have you been instructed otherwise? #AskJD
@Llamaspajamas Not instructed. It’s always been our strategy to be as vague as possible regarding Zombies . That’s part of the game!

#CODBlackOps when will u reveal the co-Op?
@Stevensosaramos We have. It’s Zombies.

@JD_2020 #AskJD what happens if people report people that hasnt done anything and what wil be the punishments for cheating, boosting,modin?
@sku96 We review all reports before taking action. Theater mode makes that possible.

@JD_2020 What’s Hardened pro?
@CRotondi NOT Stopping Power (I know that’s where you’re going with that haha).

#AskJD @JD_2020 Is Black Ops gonna be awsome?
@Chargers705 Of course =).

#AskJD Are my questions getting annoying? #AttentionWhore
@HurrrDur Maybe….

@JD_2020 sorry for deleting the original tweet. Though it was dumb. “What weapon is most OP. #AskJD”. There we go!
@thaReardon The Death Machine? But it’s a very rare Care Package drop, and your mobility is HEAVILY hindered.

#AskJD will you be patching glitches regularly if they are found by the community
@thexxhawkxx Absolutely. We put out over half a dozen patches for #CoDWaW. Rest assured we’ll aggressively support #CODBlackOps post-ship.

@JD_2020 Does theater mode also record campaign? #AskJD
@AlineaShawn Negative. It’s a Multiplayer feature only.
@AlineaShawn But Capture Cards are quite affordable these days =).

@JD_2020 #AskJD is there something more than campaign, zombies and multiplayer? that you havent revealed yet? more footage!!!?
@TommiBwei Yes.

@JD_2020 How in-depth are private match settings? Examples? #AskJD
@tpgaubert Very in-depth… More to be revealed soon =).

#AskJD will u guys actually interact with the community throughout the game??
@FiLMaN123 Of course, I’d argue that I did just that with #CoDWaW =P.

@JD_2020 #AskJD will there be a True barebones playlist?
@nkianD Yes. *True* Barebones is in #CODBlackOps.

@JD_2020 #AskJD when you prestige, what do we keep? mainly do we keep cp, guns, title, emblems, and stuff like facepaint? #CODBlackOps
@h0ckey10 Emblems.

Is it possible to be shot out of the Chopper Gunner? #AskJD
@xKNKYxKing No, but it can be shot down like any other chopper.

#AskJD do you earn XP in wager matches, along with cod points too?
@d4v1dw1r7h No. You just exchange CP (top 3 positions get paid).

@JD_2020 Will PC players be able to kick people from ranked servers? #AskJD
@Jehuty3 Yes, server admins can kick from Ranked or Unranked Dedicated Servers.

Will I still be able to quickscope? #AskJD
@Herbert_Gun No. Quickscoping is a cheap way to play. We’re specifically going to gimp Quickscoping, sorry. Play straight-up!

#AskJD is there still gonna be mellee for akimbo? I don’t see how someone can shoot, shank& shoot as fast as someone with only one gun?
@AyyB_Fades Yes you can still melee when dual wielding.

@JD_2020 #AskJD scale of 1-10 how’s quickscoping going to be
@MHabs3921 0.

@JD_2020 Have you Guys Fixed The Modded lobbys from what we saw from MW2???????????? #AskJD
@Blake_RFC_101 We believe so. Either way, we’ll stay on top of that crap and ensure it doesn’t impede the masses.

What happens if you are killed (on the ground) in a controllable killstreak like the Chopper Gunner or Gunship? Same as MW2? #AskJD
@ShadowKnight104 You continue to use said Killstreak, and respawn when it’s done. After all, you did earn it.

#AskJD Are Ranked PC Servers forced to run MW2-style playlists like Ground War, Hardcore Moshpit, etc? Can you run a 24/7 Sabotage server???
@6FRGaming You can have a 24/7 Sabotage server. There are no playlists, just preset game mode configurations.

#askJD cam you gift CoDPoints to friends if there bad at the game?
@xXKMac11Xx No, you have to earn your COD Points. There will be no boosting / hording of COD Points to one player =P.

#AskJD. What happens when you have a killsreak and you get another, will you be able to still use both of them????????????
@cflasche Yes, Killstreaks stack.

#AskJD In private matches can you controll who can join, because in mw2 it got annoying when people kept joining private matches…
@DCarr76 Yeah you can lock down your Private Matches just like your Party Lobbies.

@JD_2020 Can server use /record ? #CODBlackOps #AskJD
@DerSizeS A server? No…. A player playing on a server? Yes.

#AskJD Will the kills from killstreak rewards still count toward your teams score on team deathmatch?.?.
@ZombieHunter115 Absolutely, they just won’t count towards your next-higher Killstreak.

#AskJD I’m talking about when you guys meet up like round a corner and u guys are both running can they still drop shot?
@Jacobb900 Not prevented, no. You can still lay down flat at any time by holding the Prone button.

#AskJD Were you just kidding about quickscoping, because I hope you were =(
@cdkee Nope. Quickscoping is way more annoying to a way larger group of people than the quickscoping community who loves to do it. #cheap

@JD_2020 #AskJD are the shotguns 1 shot kill close up?
@joname14 I suppose if all your rounds hit the right part of the body… If just one pellet hits one foot, probably not…

@JD_2020 My girlfriend wants to know if there will be customizable “girl” characters in #CODBlackOps #AskJD ?
@Cody_208 Negative. Sorry girlfriends!!!

@JD_2020 #AskJD is the PS3 version a port of the 360 or was there a specific Playstation team used to take advantage of PS3 horsepower?
@brandonNaustin There is a specific PS3 team that makes that version of the game. It’s not a “port” – that’s just a myth in the community.

@JD_2020 /record only record demo for current player or all players on server? #CODBlackOps #AskJD
@DerSizeS Just you, as always. But PC also has Theater mode, which will have all those features to watch from any perspective.

#AskJD Will Black Ops cause a mess in all 24 pairs of pants I own? lmao
@marlow1994 At least 12 of them… Depending on how long your play sessions run .

@JD_2020 #AskJD How exactly did you “counter” quick scoping?
@JD1010RU When you first sight-in, your sights won’t be perfectly center. You’ll have to take a moment to adjust (like a real sniper).

#askJD how long did it take you to create Call Of Duty: Black Ops?
@DjRaphLv 2 year development cycle.

#AskJd are vehicles in multiplayer?
@gromcracker Not like Tanks in #CoDWaW, but yes there are controllable vehicles – i.e. Gunship, RC-XD (they are Killstreaks).

what are disadvantages to prestiging in #CODBlackOps ? do camos/money/EVERYTHING reset? prestige was harsh in MW2 #AskJD l l
@BrendanSilent Everything you unlocked resets and has to be re-purchased (even COD Points reset). Your emblems, however, will remain.

@JD_2020 #AskJD Are the dogs gonna kill in one hit?
@AlexGomez916 Yes, one bite is all it takes.

@JD_2020 The good quickscopers can sniper while using marathon so… you are not stopping us. you know that right? #askJD
@JakeMertz … Not sure what that has to do with anything =P.

#AskJD @JD_2020 People enjoy Double XP weekends. Are we going to see something like Double COD Points weekends?
@mattymcgregor14 Perhaps. Only time will tell!

#AskJD is there stooping power in Black Ops?
@SoldierBoy321 No Stopping Power, No Juggernaut, No Deathstreaks in #CODBlackOps.

#AskJD are there any good sniper rifles that can be used to quikscope?!?!!
@joahmassey No sniper rifles will be useful for Quickscoping.

#AskJD Wager Matches -can you choose which game type, or is it a random one out of the 4 types?
@d4v1dw1r7h Depends on which playlist you choose. You will be able to pick a specific type to play if you want to, though.

#AskJD are there any advantages to prestiging??
@DCarr76 Of course =). But that’s classified.

#CODBlackOps #AskJd @JD_2020 Is Call of duty black ops going 2 have 4 player offline split screen the previous cod games?
@Rayomond 4-player, Offline split-screen will be supported in #CODBlackOps, as in previous titles.

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