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Published on September 29th, 2010 | by CodCom

30 Questions Answered By David Vonderhaar

For you that don’t know David Vonderhaar is, he’s the  Design Director over at Treyarch. In other words, if you really want to have a question answered about Black Ops, he’s the one you should be bothering.

On Twitter, David Vonderhaar can be found @DavidVonderhaar. A very useful source of information, but sometimes you’ll have to guess what the answer you just got from him means because he’s known to pull a leg once a while.

Because not everyone is on Twitter and if you are, it’s hard to follow all the questions and answers. So I decided to compile a list of 30 questions asked to David Vonderhaar and David’s answers to these questions. While some answers can be less informative, some of them are worth knowing.

1. Quinton381: @DavidVonderhaar I LIKE THE BENGALS TO!!!! And also, will there be wager match modes in combat trainer, and if not, what game modes will!?!?

DavidVonderhaar: @Quinton381 Combat Training has Free for All and Team Deathmatch.

2. Sythangelwing: @DavidVonderhaar Can someone “join session” via splitscreen?

DavidVonderhaar: @sythangelwing Not exactly.You have to sign in before the game lobby. We treat the splitscreen player like being a member of your COD Party.

3. davedemp8: @DavidVonderhaar Can you give us a hint to how many maps there will be in multiplayer?? thanks!

DavidVonderhaar: @davedemp8 14. That was declassified on Sept 1st, but not widely published

4. ios37: @DavidVonderhaar Rumor to unlock and buy the Classified guns you have to buy all the guns in the same class. True or False

DavidVonderhaar: @ios37 Not a rumor. Fact.

5. GoldenBoy81: @DavidVonderhaar will there be golden guns in black ops ?

DavidVonderhaar: @GoldenBoy81 Always bet on Black. Well Black and Gold.

6. HYETILLIDIE818: @DavidVonderhaar Hey david would there be W@W Prestige emblems back like the 1s we have in mw2.

DavidVonderhaar: @HYETILLIDIE818 I have something special waiting for you at the highest Prestige level.

7. scientificking: @DavidVonderhaar everyone backs out of lobbies when they go “negative” and dashboard bc of kd ratio abolish it! or at leastpunishdasboarders

DavidVonderhaar: @scientificking We have a record of everyone who doesn’t finish games they start. A clear abuser (not souls with bad luck) will get smacked.

8. skortchurr: @DavidVonderhaar If you’ve made an intricate emblem that you’re proud of do you lose it when you prestige??

DavidVonderhaar: @skortchurr All purchased emblem images, backgrounds, and layers remain through Prestige. One of the few things that does.

9. SOG_Krunch: @DavidVonderhaar can guests join wager matches? If so, i predict people plugging in extra controllers and boosting for cP

DavidVonderhaar: @SOG_Krunch Only in the Low Limit games and even then I can disable Splitscreen from any playlist if it gets out of hand.

10. klutchkid: @DavidVonderhaar can you gift out CP to your friends?

DavidVonderhaar: @klutchkid Absolutely no. However, don’t forget the Vahn surchage fee. Every questions answered costs 1000 cP. I’ll bill you.

11. ColdSteel17: @DavidVonderhaar In MP Splitscreen mode, will my friend need his own Xbox LIVE Gold account, or can he use a LIVE guest account???

DavidVonderhaar: @ColdSteel17 We support both guests and having two Live profiles.Guests obviously have more limits since they do not have “accounts” they are considered in your COD party and subject to the same rules as any COD party.

12. fredpiels: @DavidVonderhaar Stupid Question – Is MP going to be played in 60fps or 30fps? Wasn’t WAW MP in 30fps? Thanks.

DavidVonderhaar: @fredpiels Many Bothans died to make sure we can still run at 60.

13. WruceBillis: @DavidVonderhaar A lot of ppl are saying the Ballistic Knife lunge is the same range as Commando, tho tech’ly unconfirmed. Is this the case?

DavidVonderhaar: @WruceBillis “A lot” of ppl are wrong. The Ballistic lunge is the same as the Combat knife.

14. Sun730: @DavidVonderhaar will flak jacket make a direct hit with the explosive crossbow a 2 hit kill?

DavidVonderhaar: @Sun730 If you stick a guy, he is dead, even if he has Flak Jacket. He can survive most everything else however.

15. davedemp8: @DavidVonderhaar Can you comment on the SoH pro, quickscopeing problem? IMO it took the skill out of quickscoping.

DavidVonderhaar: @davedemp8 Let me try that again. Sleight of Hand Pro does not work with any sniper class weapon.

16. BC_1000: @DavidVonderhaar can the chopper gunner be head shot and killed… That would suck though!

DavidVonderhaar: @BC_1000 No.

17. gcadams1979: @DavidVonderhaar Can I play HC playlists as a level 1 or do I have to be level 18 or something like previous CoDs? Thanks.

DavidVonderhaar: @gcadams1979 Level up. Hardcore players need skillz.

18. BC_1000: @DavidVonderhaar any driving vehicles in the game?

DavidVonderhaar: @BC_1000 RCXD. Gunship. Valkyrie. You “drive” all those. I’ve been over this. No tanks, jeeps, or motorcycles (in MP) like WaW.



20. GamerOfFreedom: @DavidVonderhaar Do you think there will be a case of “one gun everybody uses” in Black Ops?

DavidVonderhaar: @GamerOfFreedom The most popular weapon right now is in the bottom 4 of KPM averages. Popular does not equal OP.

21. Rhett816: @DavidVonderhaar How do the difficulties in Combat Training affect the bots? It doesn’t just give them more health and damage, does it?

DavidVonderhaar: @Rhett816 Great question. We felt health and difficulty were “sacred.” Difficulty is other variables like targeting time and visibility.

22. DukeNukem1985: @DavidVonderhaar, on Xbox360, will be there the party-chat again? I mean Partychat for TDM and SnD and not only lobby chat like in MW2?

DavidVonderhaar: @DukeNukem1985 Nearly every lobby supports Party Chat. SnD does not. Community divided. Can change it without title update. Hate cheaters.

23. PMac18: @DavidVonderhaar Is the mortar team the same as artillery strike but on 3 locations at once?

DavidVonderhaar: @PMac18 Three in a row. One after the other. Slight delay between them.

24. BeefyCake29: @DavidVonderhaar Hey man, would you be able to tell us if the PS3 version of Black Ops will have split-screen online like Xbox? Thanks!

DavidVonderhaar: @BeefyCake29 #ucanhaz

25. mrw191: @DavidVonderhaar Can you tell us anything about how Treyarch is balancing the Grenade launchers? Will it be like WaW with no perk 1? I hope.

DavidVonderhaar: @mrw191 Flak Jacket will save you from most attacks.

26. AWES0MEVIDS: @DavidVonderhaar How do you win one in the chamber? Most kills or last alive? And if it’s last alive, how will you prevent camping?

DavidVonderhaar: @AWES0MEVIDS Most kills / points. With only 6 players, camping does not guarantee victory.

27. @aldosco: @DavidVonderhaar What breed are the dogs in #codblackops ?

DavidVonderhaar: @aldosco I think they are german shepherds. Don’t quote me. [Right, no quoting :) ]

28. @DJN00B: @DavidVonderhaar SticksnStones, its stated if u get killed w/tomahwk u go bankrupt. So you lose ALL ur CP or only what u bet?

DavidVonderhaar: @DJN00B Bankrupt zeros your score in that match to that point. You can recover and still win. I’ve seen it happen.

29. @fredpiels: @DavidVonderhaar Do we have to be in main lobby to sign Contract? Can’t do in game lobby? What about teams, everyone will need to bk out :(

DavidVonderhaar: @fredpiels Relax Fred. You can sign Contracts from the main game lobby. No need to back out.

30. @gr4phix: @DavidVonderhaar Is the XBLParty system allowed in all playlists?

DavidVonderhaar: @gr4phix Most. May bounce it from FFA and S/D. Still playing with this. Word?

I’d like thank for the idea. I hope by reading these 30 questions and answers some of your questions have been answered. If not, you can always try asking DavidVonderhaar.

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