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Published on January 27th, 2011 | by CodCom

3 Small Updates Concerning Black Ops

UPDATE: Patch 1.06 for the Xbox 360 released today. For the patch notes see: Patches Keep Coming – Xbox Patches To 1.06

Usually when there is an update for Black Ops, we dedicate an article to it, but this time it’s different. Over the past few days Treyarch made a few small adjustments to Black Ops.

The first update is patch 1.06 for Black Ops on the Nintendo Wii. For a full list of the changes, click here.

The second update is a hotfix for the PlatStation 3. Apparently patch 1.06 did something “Wonky” to the killstreak selections and the control configurations. See Josh Olin’s tweet. On a side note, We’re getting a lot of good feedback about patch 1.06 for the PlayStation 3, well done Treyarch.

New hotfix on PS3 today addressed the wonky Killstreak selections & Control configurations resetting. Working on an ETA on the 360 patch.
Josh Olin

And then we have the third little update. Treyarch released patch 1.051 for the PC, the only change with patch 1.051 is the stuttering audio in the single player campaign. This should be resolved now.

Patch 1.051 addresses audio stuttering issue in singleplayer. Live now. #codblackops #pc

There you have it. Hope these updates meant something good for you!

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