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Published on March 31st, 2011 | by CodCom

14 Tips to Help You Rank up Faster in Black Ops

Some people play Black Ops just for the fun of it. They tend to care less about the statistics behind everything and getting to prestige level 15 as soon as possible is the last thing on their mind. And there are some people who’s soul purpose is to get to the 15th prestige level as soon as possible. This article is the right place to be for those people.

We will be sharing tips with you which will help you rank up fast in Black Ops. Don’t mistake these tips with tips that’ll make you a better player at Black Ops. Because becoming a better player and ranking up as fast as you can don’t always go hand in hand. If you’re looking to become a better player at Black Ops, read the 7 tips that’ll help you with your mission. The following tips will get you get to the 15th prestige level as soon as possible. If you care about your statistics, K/D ratio and whatnot, these tips might not be what you’re looking for. Some of them are good to know, but not the answer you’re looking for.

About half of the tips you’re about to read are tips based on personal experience. The other half are contributions from our loyal fans of our Facebook page. A lot of you have contributed to this and if a tip looks familiar to you, you most probably suggested it to us. This would be the right time to thank each and every one of you for your contribution.

If you want to rank up as fast as you can in Black Ops, read the following tips:

1. Purchase XP contracts only

As you might know, there are contracts which give COD Points rewards only. These are the contracts you want to avoid. Instead, focus on contracts that’ll give you XP. Don’t waste your time on contracts if you think you won’t be able to finish them in time.

2. Use the leaderboads and SPM (Score Per Minute) to your advantage

There is a difference between having fun and being efficient. If you want to be efficient, use the leaderboards to your advantage. Look for the game mode in which your SPM is the highest and play that game mode as often as you can stomach. Even though that game mode might not be the most fun to play, it is the most efficient one for you.

3. Play team oriented game modes. Domination, HQ and S&D

This tip goes hand in hand the the previous tip. While it might be fun to play FFA or TDM. playing team oriented game modes can be a more rewarding, especially if you’re part of a group that knows they’re doing. In some situations you can use the game mechanics to your advantage and score extra points. (Think defending the HQ for kills)

4. Use low killstreaks

Flying in a Chopper Gunner, mowing down people can be fun. But how often does that happen to the average player? Let me answer that for you. Not often. Instead of going for the high killstreaks, go for the low killstreaks such as the Spy Plane, Counter Spy Plane and Napalm Strike. Doing this will result in you getting small amount of points often, which will add up quickly. This is especially useful if you’re the rushing type who doesn’t care too much about his K/D ratio.

5. Use the Hardline Perk

Going hand in hand with the previous tip, is using the Hardline perk. By using the Hardline perk your killstreaks require 1 less kill, meaning you get to use them more often. And last time I checked, this resulted in you getting more points and XP.

6. Die after you get your last killstreak

This can sound silly and obvious, but you might forget it in the heat of action. Die after getting all your killstreaks. Assuming you’re using the Spy Plane, Counter Spy Plane and Napalm Strike killstreak, get killed after you get a 5 kill streak (4 with the Hardline perk). Doing this will result in you using your killstreaks more often. Don’t worry about dieing as their is no point deduction for dieing.

7. Shoot down air support

Shoot down air support with the launchers available to you. The Strela-3 is an excellent choice for doing this. I can’t remember where I read it, but one wise person said. If it flies, it dies. You get great points from shooting down air support and at the same time you’re helping out your team. When you’re rank isn’t high enough for the Strela-3, pay extra attention to the next tip.

8. Use the SAM Turret killstreak

In the category of shooting down everything that flies, think about using the SAM Turret killstreak. In combination with the Hardline perk, you get this killstreak after only 3 kills. I’ve dedicated a whole article to the Hardline + SAM Turret combination a while ago. The first part of that article is excellent advice, even today.

9. Alternate between guns

A great way to gain experience in Black Ops is completing challenges for guns. That’s why it’s wise to alternate between different guns for the various challenges. Occasionally check the challenges and see if you’re close to finishing a challenge with a gun which isn’t your “main” gun. Don’t make the mistake of using weapons which don’t suit your style of playing. You could be losing out on a lot of points just because you’re using the gun that doesn’t fit your style of playing. Common sense is required here!

10. Alternate between attachments

Just like you need to alternate between guns for the various challenges. You can use different attachments. And just like with the guns, you need to use common sense here. You don’t want to lose out on a lot of points just because you want to complete challenges with an attachment that doesn’t fit your style of playing.

11. Use the Warlord Pro Perk

Going hand in hand with the previous tip. If you decide to finish all the attachment challenges, you might want to think about using the Warlord Pro perk as this till give you the option to use 2 attachments at the same time. This can result in you completing the challenges faster.

12. Change Perks after you finish all challenges

While some of the perks look like you can’t live without them, this might not be the case. Try to switch to another perk once you finish all the challenges for 1 perk. As per usual, don’t push things to a point where it becomes counter productive. The point here is to rake in as much XP as you can.

13. Play a High Roller wager match before going to next prestige level

This is 1 of the 2 tips that won’t have a direct impact on the amount of XP you gain. Before you prestige to into a High Roller wager lobby. Once the lobby locks in, jump to the next prestige level. Finishing in the top 3 will give you a nice head start with your next prestige level.

14. Get to know the maps

This is the second tip that won’t impact the amount of XP you gain directly. A great addition in Black Ops is Combat Training. Using this game mode you can learn the multiplayer maps without the pressure of anything and anyone else. Take your time, get to know the maps and use it to your advantage.

These are the 14 tips that will help you rank up fast in Black Ops I could come up with. Some of these might be silly, funny, stupid or informative, but you can’t deny that some of these WILL help you rank up faster. What I’d like to know is, did (some of) these tips help you rank up faster? And do you have tips for the rest of the community that’ll help them rank up faster?

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