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Published on January 9th, 2013 | by The_Mack_Attack3

Are These the Upcoming Zombies Game Modes?

If you’ve been staying tuned to the site then you obviously saw that Treyarch released the Revolution DLC map pack trailer. The map pack will include four Multiplayer maps and one Zombie map in ‘Die Rise’, which of course is gathering the most attention, including its new ‘Turned’ game mode.

Turned allows the gamer to see it from the other side and play as a Zombie, trying to catch the one unfortunate single human which must stay away from their clutches. The Turned game mode was mentioned in a Zombies leak we posted back in September 2012, which also included several other mysterious game modes.

With Turned featured in the first DLC to release for Black Ops 2 Zombies, we wondered what the next DLC packs will bring in terms of game modes. Unfortunately we only have names of game modes and no other info, with Turned included in the list , but hey… we can speculate right!

Returned – This game mode could be somehow related to the Turned game mode itself. How exactly is a guess, but maybe allowing gamers to get an object to an objective quicker than the other team of players. It could also be the opposite of Grief, allowing gamers to help each other mid-game to survive the Zombie horde a little longer.

Race – The most obvious answer to this would be a race between two different teams with the winner… well winning. Knowing Treyarch however, they will probably throw in some Zombie designed obstacles to make it a little harder.

Meat – At the time the leak hit we all probably thought this was some awesome upcoming game mode, most likely however it’s the piece of meat drop found in the already playable Grief mode. If you think this could be an upcoming game mode, let us know in the comments below.

No Man’s Land – Just had to leave the most sinister sounding one for last! I personally hope this mode involves the bare necessities, a Zombies Hardcore mode of sorts. It could also involve running across a field full of landmines, that’s if they follow the historical meaning of the term.

It’s almost disheartening knowing that what I threw together above is probably 100% wrong, I might get lucky though. What do you all think of these supposed game modes and what they will offer us?

You can let us know as usual in the section below! Make sure to stay tuned to the site for more Black Ops 2 Zombies news.

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