Zombies Black Ops 2 Zombies - TranZit Bus Tuning Guide

Published on January 10th, 2013 | by The_Mack_Attack3

Black Ops 2 Zombies – TranZit Bus Tuning Guide

While amidst a Zombie carnage you can’t deny you crack a smile every time the safe haven of the bus comes around the corner, saving you from the horde of Zombies on your tail. While the earlier rounds of Black Ops 2 Zombies TranZit Mode might be straight up easy, the latter rounds bring a challenge and the bus transport will end up being your best friend.

This doesn’t necessarily mean the bus is 100% Zombie-proof, it has windows which the undead can get through and can be stopped by that irritating Electric Zombie,  Avogadro. On the other hand it also gives you to opportunity to pimp the bus out and add some offensive and defensive items, which we will gladly guide you the community through… so check it all out below!

Note: You will need the Turbine buildable to open the doors needed to find these bus parts.

The Parts

The Grill – This part makes the bus an efficient battering ram for any Zombie that happens to run in front of it. This also stops Zombies from entering the front window of the bus, leaving you to focus on the other windows more. It’s very hard not to miss this part when you come across it, not many giant yellow rams in TranZit to be honest.

The Ladder – Obtaining the ladder allows gamers to attach it to the left backside of the bus and let you climb onto the roof from the outside, which is super handy when you can’t access the doors of the bus itself while stopped at certain points.

The Roof Hatch – This part has the same usage as the Ladder, with the only difference being it allows you access to the roof of the bus from the inside. Just go towards the designated area on the ceiling inside the bus, jump and press square when prompted. This part may be the most important, given that sometimes the Zombie bus party can get over-crowded.

It’s also worth noting that the roof hatch can be used inside the Diner (2nd stop), to get access to the Galvaknuckles on the roof.

The Locations

Unfortunately all three bus parts spawn in one of four different locations randomly. For example, the ladder may be in the first location below, but may be in another location from the list in a different game, it’s a Zombie bus part lottery. Below you can check out the four possible bus part locations.

Location 1 – In the starting room on Bus Depot (1st stop), open the door beside the workbench with the Turbine, one of the parts will be found in this small room near the back wall.

Location 2 – At Diner (2nd stop), once you jump of the bus walk past the fuel tanks and make your way to the small brown hut at the back of the area, use the Turbine to open the door and find the part inside.

Location 3 – At Farm  (3rd stop), open the gate and make your way towards the big barn, before you reach it you will see a big truck on its side, behind the truck is a small hut similar to the one seen at Diner. Use the Turbine to open this hut and you will find one of the four bus parts inside.

Location 4 – In Town (5th Spot), in the small room with the silver door under where you buy the Juggernog  perk. This room will hold a bus part, as well as Semtex Grenades.

Hopefully this will guide you to pimping out the bus in your next game of Black Ops 2 Zombies. If you have any other questions make sure to throw them down in the comment section below and happy hunting as always!

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