Zombies Zombies Easter Eggs - Maxis "Tower of Babble"

Published on January 2nd, 2013 | by The_Mack_Attack3

Zombies Easter Eggs – Richtofen’s ‘Tower of Babble’

Still playing Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Zombies? Maybe you’re coming to the point were just downing Zombies doesn’t cut it anymore and you need more action and direction! Thankfully Treyarch filled the mode with Easter Eggs for us to complete and after already giving you the guide for Maxis’ ‘Tower of Babble’ Easter Egg it’s time to shed some light on similar but completely different TranZit Easter Egg, Richtofen’s ‘Tower Of Babble’.

Some housekeeping first before we get into the action. You will need to know how to create and use the Jet Gun wonder weapon, if you don’t then you can check out our guide to building it. You will also need three fellow gamers to tag along with to get this achievement and a heck load of patience, still want to do it?

The walkthrough:

So let’s get stuck in shall we! Once the game starts you need to find your way to the mystery box located at Diner (2nd stop) and begin the painful task of every member obtaining EMP Grenades. This will no doubt test your patience so it may be better to do this part when you have better weapons and more points to spend.

Once all of you have obtained EMP Grenades, you must find all the necessary parts to build the Jet Gun, once you have the gun in your or a teammate’s possession make your way to the Corn Field, the Corn Field is located between Farm (3rd stop) and Power Station (4th stop).

When you arrive at the field, enter where presented and make your way to the Obelisk (giant pylon thingy) and when you arrive you and your team stand under it. Now you need to select the Jet Gun and fire at one of the four legs of the pylon until it falls apart, doing so will heat up the pylon and prompt Richtofen to start mumbling once again.

The next step is to build up some Zombies under the pylon without anyone leaving, this can be dangerous so be careful. Once you have a sufficient horde of Zombies following you, it will prompt Richtofen to say “make them go boom”. This means you must kill the Zombies UNDER THE TOWER with explosives, be it grenades, War Machine Mustang and Sally or the RPG. It’s imperative that you only use explosives, the achievement will not work if one Zombie is killed with bullets or by melee.

When you do eventually eradicate the Zombies, the ever helpful Richtofen will mutter, “You have too much power, reduce your power by a scale factor of 4″. When you hear this each member of your team must find one of the 4 teleport lamp posts scattered around the map and create a wormhole using that fiercely annoying goblin Zombie, the Denizen. Once everyone has made a teleport hole thingy, you must coordinate with your team to throw the EMP Grenades into the hole at the exact same time.

If you mange to do this correctly then you will unlock the Tower of Babble achievement and be rewarded with a crazy lighting show in the sky above! Congrats!


  • You do not need to build the NAV Card table to complete this achievement.
  • Be careful killing Zombies under the obelisk, kill one with bullets and it will not work.
  • When throwing the EMP Grenades, it may be smart to have someone with a headset so they can countdown for maximum success.

Hope this guide helps you on your way, make sure to stay tuned for more Black Ops 2 Zombies and Black Ops 2 Multiplayer news!

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