Zombies Zombies Easter Eggs - Maxis "Tower of Babble"

Published on December 17th, 2012 | by The_Mack_Attack3

Zombies Easter Eggs – Maxis “Tower of Babble”

One of the great features of Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Zombies are the crafty Easter Eggs and achievements Treyarch put in the game. The developer hasn’t stopped cooking since the last Zombie outing, with more Easter Eggs to seek out and conquer, eventually getting that achievement / trophy you’ve been waiting for.

Being such the budding community and always looking to help out our fellow Call of Duty gamers, we will give you walkthroughs for those Zombie Easter Eggs, starting with Maxis version of the “Tower of Babble” achievement / trophy. Before we jump in, it’s best you know how to make a turbine, how to turn on the power and some basic Zombie knowledge, putting it simple, this isn’t a walk in the park!

Maxis “Tower of Babble”

Firstly you need four players to complete the challenge, so no solo Rambo-style zombie quest unfortunately. Once you get three people to tag along on the adventure you can finally begin the Easter Egg that will take you around TranZit and the mist within.

When you spawn at the Bus Depot (1st stop), gather all the pieces needed to build a turbine, once you have, make sure all players including yourself have one equipped. Once you’ve done that make your way to the Diner (2nd Stop) and open the door leading into the Mystery Box. This bit you may find frustrating as you need to obtain some EMP Grenades, which unfortunately can only be obtained from the Mystery Box.

Once a member of your Zombie team manages to obtain those crafty EMP grenades, hop back on the bus and make your way to the Power Station (4th stop) and turn on the power using the items in the area. Like always you will hear Maxis giving you a speech, telling you to turn the power back off, so do as he says and switch the power off. With the power off you will need to use the turbine to open the door to the left of the power switch, make your way through the door and exit the area.

From this point on it will be easier to have one zombie following you at all times.

This is when it starts to get a bit tricky! Once you have all left the Power Station, two members of your team go in direction of Town (5th stop), before you reach Town you should notice the cornfield on the right-hand side of the route between the two locations, enter the cornfield through the gap and find the massive Pylon within the cornfield. The other two members will need to go to two different locations. One will need to go to the lamp pole in front of the shed at the Diner (2nd stop) and the other through the bus route and finds the lone lamp in the mist.

The two players in the corn field will end the round once they begin to see lighting in the sky – which means the electro Zombie (Avogadro) will be around soon – kill the last zombie and end the round. Once you have done that the all 4 players will place their turbines, with the two members not in the cornfield placing theirs in front of the lamp poles they went searching for and the two members in the cornfield placing their turbines on either side of the pylon, doing so will charge the pylon.

When this is done you will hear another speech from Maxis and eventually Avogadro will spawn, lure him into the middle of the pylon and throw your EMP Grenades - make sure the person with the EMP grenades goes to the cornfield - which will kill him and make him spiral up through the pylon.

The achievement will then be unlocked and you can go on your merry way! Make sure to stay tuned for more Zombie Easter egg walkthroughs.

For Richtofen’s version of the Easter Egg: Zombies Easter Eggs – Richtofen’s ‘Tower of Babble’

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