Zombies Die Rise - Slippery When Undead, I’m My Own Best Friend Achievements

Published on February 14th, 2013 | by The_Mack_Attack3

Die Rise – Slippery When Undead, I’m My Own Best Friend Achievements

For those still waiting to receive the Revolution map pack on February 28 and for those already indulging in the DLC, take notice as we once again save you from utter confusion. We’ve already explained how to complete the Shafted achievement and the easy Made About Power achievement that feature in Die Rise, so you’ll no doubt be primed and ready to achieve a little more today.That’s right we have more achievement guides for Die Rise, this time taking the I’m My Own Best Friend and Slippery When Undead achievements by the scruff of the neck.

We will deal with the I’m My Own Best Friend achievement first off as it doesn’t take much skill to unlock the bad boy. Firstly you will need to accumulate at least 2000 points, enough for you to buy the Who’s Who perk, which you can get all the details on right here. Once you get your hands on the perk, down yourself(bear with me) and let the Who’s Who perk take effect. You must then revive yourself while in the Who’s Who ghost form and bada bing, achievement unlocked.

Doing this at the end of the round will be more efficient as no Zombies can stop you from reviving yourself. The achievement will get you 10 gamer points, not bad for a 5 minute workout!

Next up is the Slippery When Undead achievement, a tad bit harder than what we just covered unfortunately. For starters you will need to do a bit of scavenging to get the achievement, collecting all the parts needed to create The Sliquifier wonder weapon. If your clueless to what that is, then check out this informative post we created here.

Once you get the gun you will need to kill 5 zombies with it, which will then unlock the achievement, thus cementing you as an awesome gamer. The best way to go about killing the zombies is to gather a few up in a bunch(“training” for the zombie nerds) and fire a few shots into the undead pack, which will kill a good few if they’re close together.

So there you have it, another two achievements noted and explained, make sure to stick around for more guides and check out the site for more of today’s Call of Duty news!

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