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Published on January 5th, 2013 | by The_Mack_Attack3

Die Rise DLC Details Leaked – Rumor

Check it out Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Zombies fans, apparently someone has got a hold of a pirated version of upcoming Black Ops 2 DLC ‘Revolution and has courageously posted the details of the Zombie map ‘Die Rise’ for us to see on the official Call of Duty forum.

The details tell us everything we need to know from what maps will be included, what perks and many other exciting features. Before you read on however, I would take all this with the usual pinch of salt until confirmed, a very common saying among us Call of Duty players.

The Details!

The Zombie map is said to be set in Breslau, Germany and will contain 4 maps within the Die Rise mode, similar to what we’ve seen in TranZit. The maps included are City, Village, Nuclear Plant and Train Station, with City expected to be the biggest of the 4 maps. We will also see the inclusion of more perks in Deadshot and Mulekick, seen in the previous Black Ops installment and some new Easter Eggs. New buildables will also be included in the Head Lamp, which allows you to avoid the annoying Denizens, but attracts Zombies.

Die Rise Mode

As for the Die Rise mode itself, gamers will start off on a hill in the middle of a field surrounded by that darn fog, which unfortunately means the dreaded Denizens return. On the hill will be a tree with Quick Revive beside it and the usual starting guns in the Olympia and M14. This area has been specified as the main section of the map with everything located around, so if you get lost, just find the hill and work from there.

The bus will not be included in Die Rise, but more vintage transport in a wagon ride, with trusted driver T.E.D.D returning, this time sporting a fancy farmer’s outfit. The wagon will not enter the map until the fifth round however, unlike TranZit which allows you to enter the bus from round 1. The wagon will take you to the four locations City, Village, Nuclear Plant and Train Station using dirt roads.

Zombie Maps

City – Gamers will need to fight the undead horde on a city-like landscape with skyscrapers surrounding them. One skyscraper in particular can be entered and inside will include the Speed Cola perk and Mystery Box spawn point. On the roof of said skyscraper will feature the Pack-a-Punch machine, with 5 floors in the skyscraper alone.

Another building can be entered which holds the parts to make the Head Lamp mentioned above and some off-the-wall weapons. City will also feature a park-like area, you’ll find another box location, Double Tap Root Beer and some other smaller buildings scatter the area, also holding more off-the-wall weapons.

Village – This area doesn’t hold as much as the City area, with a windmill, a well, some houses and fields taken up the land. This is however where you buy the Juggernog and Deadshot perks as well as another mystery box spawn.

Nuclear Plant – This location is where gamers can switch on the Power, thankfully this time you’ll need no parts to do so, just simply flick the switch. This will also include a mystery box location and the Mule Kick perk. A not yet constructed atom bomb is the centerpiece of the location, which I guess will feature in one of the DLC’s Easter Eggs.

Train Station – This location includes only one building, a train and the boarding platform. Within the train you can find the Galvaknuckles while the surrounding area holds the Tombstone perk and Stamin-Up perks.

Plenty to talk about no doubt, everything is speculation at the moment however, but if someone did decide to make all this up should have a job at Treyarch, just saying…

Are you happy with what you see above? Let us know in the comment section below.

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