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Black Ops 2 Zombies – The Who’s Who Perk Guide

The Black Ops 2 Revolution DLC has been picking up a storm since its release recently, with the Zombie content that features becoming very popular within the community. The Die Rise co-op map is the center-point of the content and has been played vigorously by Zombie lovers, with them uncovering many weird and wonderful things from hours of playing.

Among the craziness you may have noticed the addition of a new perk to Black Ops 2 Zombies, one titled “Who’s Who”, which at first would have you thinking “What, What?” To make sure you don’t get a bad case of confusion when you run into the perk, we have the full guide on Who’s Who below, so if you have the time to spare give it a gander and become enlightened.

What Does Who’s Who Do?

The Who’s Who takes a more unique approach to been revived after going down via Zombie. Instead of a teammate needing to run to your aid, the Who’s Who perk allows you to revive yourself. It’s addition is more than likely based on the sheer size of Die Rise and the length of time it takes to get from one side of the map to another.

The perk can also become very handy if all your teammates go down, giving you the option to revive both yourself and all your teammates, really cementing it as an awesome perk.

So what exactly happens when you do get downed? You will spawn into the map as a ghost of yourself, packing just a starting pistol, thanks Treyarch! You will need to make it to your downed character and revive him, thus merging yourself back together. Be warned though, if you get downed as a ghost, then a teammate will need to revive both the ghost version of your character and the real version.

It also worth noting that you will keep all your perks and weapons (apart from Who’s Who) when you revive yourself!

Who’s Who Price And Location

Purchasing the Who’s Who perk will set you back 2000 points, which is actually very cheap for such an effective perk. I recommend buying this perk after the originals however, having Juggernog equipped will be more beneficial than your character running around the map as a ghost.

Like all the other perks featured on the map, the Who’s Who perk is located in one of the many elevators on Die Rise. If you make your way to where the Facing the Dragon achievement is completed, go up the ramp and jump across to the adjacent building, you will find the perk in the elevator at the back of the room.

If you want a more visual description of what the Who’s Who perk consists of, then check out the video shown above, You can also leave any thoughts you have in the comment section and hit up our Facebook page for more of today’s Call of Duty news.

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