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Published on November 27th, 2012 | by The_Mack_Attack3

Black Ops 2 Zombies – The TranZit Pack-a-Punch Equation

So you’re starting to get the hang of Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Zombies finally, travelling around the map, getting that power up and running and hitting the higher rounds like a true zombie killing champion. There is however ways to further your success and make sure you reach those really tough rounds regularly. I am of course talking about the delightful Pack-a-Punch machine, the joyful mechanic that turns that everyday weapon into a seriously powerful object of destruction. In Black Ops 2 Zombies however, it’s not easy to get to the machine, so you’ll need to know a few things before taking the task on. But hey! That’s what I’m here for right? RIGHT!?

You can reach the machine itself in the first round if curiosity sets in, but like the previous Zombies it will cost you a cool 5000 points to Pack-a-Punch a weapon. Once you start at the Bus Depot (1st stop) you will need to make yourself a Turbine using the mannequin, electric fan and payphone objects scattered around the area. Once you make this, do not use it until needed as Turbines eventually cut out and a fully powered one is needed.

Once you have the turbine it’s time to start travelling! Either run or take the bus to Town (5th and last stop), once you arrive make your way into the bank located in the area. Once inside you will notice a bank vault door, cook a grenade and throw it at said door and it should blow open – I was shocked that I missed this also. Once you enter the vault you will notice another vault door, do the same once again to blast it open. When you walk through you will notice an even bigger door that unfortunately grenades have no affect against, behind this door is where the Pack-a-Punch machine is located.

Opening this door is the hard part, you will have travel to Power Station (4th stop) , which is where the power is turned on. Once you arrive open the shed door and drop down and directly behind you should be a metal door, similar to the one in the bank vault as they both have a green picture with an arrow on them. Once the power has been turned on, return to this door and place your Turbine in front of it and immediately start running back to the bank vault in Town. If you make it to the door in the vault before the Turbine loses juice then you will notice the door that was previously closed is now open, leading into the area holding the Pack-a-Punch machine.

Now that you made it inside you will have to build the Pack-a-Punch machine instead of just strolling up and using it. To complete this task you will need three objects scattered in your immediate location. These are:

  • The top part of the Pack-a-Punch machine
  • The Bottom part of the Pack-a-Punch machine – which looks a bit like a table
  • A battery

Once you combine these items together on the workbench at the end of the corridor, the Pack-a-Punch machine will appear and you can now start making those weapons a whole lot more dangerous. Unfortunately once the door closes you need to do the whole process again, apart from building the machine itself, so go back to Bus Depot if you need to pick up another Turbine.

I hope this helped! Check out the notes below for some more information regarding the Pack-a-Punch machine and leave your thoughts in the section below.


  • You can Pack-a-Punch certain weapons more than once, costing 2000 points after the original Pack-a-Punch, shifting through the many attachments available each time.
  • The Pack-a-Punch machine is located in the center of the map on Town in Survival Mode.
  • The Pack-a-Punch machine falls from the sky in Nuketown Zombies.
  • Other explosives can also open the two vault doors.
  • Teleporting can make the process a lot quicker.

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