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Published on November 24th, 2012 | by The_Mack_Attack3

Black Ops 2 Zombies – The Mysterious Ranking System

So you picked up your copy of Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 for the whole gaming package or just to indulge in the revamped Zombies mode Treyarch are offering this time around. You will notice once you jump into the mode that every player is given an emblem beside their gamer tag whilst lobbying up, the same when playing the normal Multiplayer option. A lot of you may be in the dark on what exactly the emblems mean or the whole Zombies rank system in general, so sit tight as we try break it all down.

Everybody will begin their Zombies experience with an emblem showing a single bone. Each emblem can hold up to 5 tally marks (scratches on the top left of the emblem) before changing to the next emblem in the sequence. Depending on how you perform in-game, the emblems will change considerably, letting everyone know how good at the game you really are and also matching you up with similar ranked players for the best Zombies experience.

You will notice after a few games that your emblem has changed from the basic 1 bone, to 1 bone and a higher amount of tally marks or even a new emblem all together, depending on how well you did.

Check out below what exactly the emblems we know of:

  • 1 bone and up to 5 tally marks
  • 2 bones and up to 5 tally marks
  • Skull with up to 4 tally marks -> Skull with 5 tally marks and blue eyes
  • Skull with knife and up to 4 tally marks -> Skull with knife  and 5 tally marks and blue eyes
  • Skull with two guns and up to 4 tally marks -> Skull with two guns and 5 tally marks and blue eyes

You may now be thinking “how do I earn these tally marks?” At the moment there is still no clear facts on how exactly the emblems get dished out, but speculation has come up with some solid explanations.

The system, for starters, doesn’t seem to be experience point based like the normal Multiplayer portion of the game, but is based on the round you reach, kills you get and other activities you complete while in a match. For example, if you were to revive fellow gamers, open doors with your points and complete other Samaritan like things, this will affect your overall performance and what rank you receive.

If gamers absolutely own the Zombie horde in one game and see their emblem move up in the sequence and then have a not so good game, they will see their emblem drop back down the rank, so it’s important to be consistent. If you stay too consistent and keep reaching the same round over and over however, you will see no change in your rank. The whole system is very hazy and is still yet to garner a proper summarizing, hopefully someone from Treyarch can shed light on the system.

I hope this post gives you some information on the mode’s ranking system. If we hear anymore news on the Zombie emblems and anything relevant to the matter, we will make sure to update the post with the information, so check back regularly.

Make sure to leave any thoughts you have in the comment section below, even of you have your own idea on how the ranking system works!

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