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Published on August 15th, 2012 | by The_Mack_Attack3

Black Ops 2 Prestige Level Details

We have already covered a lot of content expected from the Black Ops 2, after the recent tidal wave of information Treyarch laid out for the public to see, a lot of different aspects have changed from the series’ previous titles. One feature that is always prominent in the Call of Duty series since 2007 title ‘Modern Warfare’, has been Prestige Levels.

Allowing players to get the most out of the shooter with every release, Prestige Levels give other players a sense of  how good you are on the battlefield. Black Ops 2 will allow the gamer to reach 10 Prestige Levels before you  hit the max, with 55 ranks within each Prestige Level, a change from the 15 Prestige Levels we saw in Black Ops.

Treyarch have said that it’s impossible for a player to unlock everything by reaching the level max for one prestige, so expect a different way to unlock weapons in-games. It will be interesting to see post-launch if Treyarch add more Prestige Levels, like we have seen in Modern Warfare 3.

Treyarch haven’t revealed the Prestige Emblems just yet. As soon as we get our hands on the Black Ops 2 Prestige Emblems, we’ll make sure to share it with our audience.

What do you think? 10 Prestige Levels with 55 ranks each, is that enough for you? Let us know in the lavish looking comment section below!

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