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Published on August 28th, 2013 | by CodCom

Hackers Wreck Havoc on Black Ops 2 Gameplay

There are many reasons why fans are anticipating the release of Call of Duty: Ghosts. Aside from its promise of better graphics and gameplay, it seems that players are also in need of a new game now that they are experiencing new difficulties in playing COD’s latest franchise, Black Ops 2.

The video footage below, uploaded by Youtuber known as DYNAMICB3AST, shows several insane Black Ops 2 hacks that will certainly leave you screaming profanities at your computer screen. If you ask us, we think these hacks are seriously getting out of hand.

The video shows that the game was set in what seems to be an abandoned Hollywood movie set. At first you might think that this is just an ordinary Black Ops 2 game, but merely 30 seconds to the five-minute video, you will begin to realize that there’s something terribly wrong here.

How in the world can a player be taken down in mere seconds? We only know of one thing that is capable of doing so: Aimbots.

Much later on in the game, DYNAMICB3AST once again experiences an anomaly the moment he is able to seize a tower. In the video we see that somehow, DYNAMICB3AST finds himself, able to penetrate the floor and soon after begins to lose control of his character. Half-past two minutes into the video, enemies seemingly out of nowhere start teleporting to the tower. This was quickly solved by the team, though it certainly leaves all of us frustrated and dumbfounded.

At three minutes, more and more players are teleporting from nowhere – one player even managed to magically bounce mid-air without any support. By this time you can definitely see that the hacks are out of control, yet the insanity is far from over. Four minutes into the game you will witness grenades being thrown and exploding without harming any players, another levitating (or flying?) player, and the screen turning into its bullet time slow motion mode in between games.

Modding has always been a huge grey area for many players and personally, it certainly has its benefits. But when the hacks are this insane and atrocious, we definitely need something to rein them in.

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